Carlos Santana re-records “Oye Como Va” with musicians from all over the world.

This album, recorded in 2001, ” Crazy Horse shows unprecedented depth according to the Nile Yang.

ToastOn July 8, the lost album Nile Young and Crazy Horse will finally be released. As a premonition group released the first title ” Standing in the Light of Love », Now I’m listening.

started a new one Toast Toast Studios in San Francisco in early 2001, just before touring South America with Crazy Horse. ” The rear door opened onto the drivewaywrote Yang Last year to Neil Young Archive. It was so stuffy that we left the door open until one day we saw rats coming in and out. Then we just went out to smoke. »

According to Crazy Horse guitarist Frank “Poncho” Sampedro, rats were just one of the problems they faced during the sessions. ” There was a feeling that something was wronghe said Rolling stone Last year. Nile had problems writing. We spent many days watching him sitting on the floor with a yellow pad. And then we played. I’m sure there are some good things in it, but it never was … We just didn’t have our own compass. Something was different in those sessions. I do not know. I can’t put my finger. »

Returning from the tour, Young decided to leave the album in favor of his collaboration with Bucker T. and MG’s, Are you passionate But he played some songs from Toast on tour, incl Standing in the Light of Love and began to think of ways to resuscitate the project. ” It’s a stunning record, and I don’t think it’s a commercial record, but it’s a great rock and roll, a bit of jazz, he explained Rolling stone In 2008. I want to premiere in a large art gallery with speakers all over the room, huge speakers and really spend time on the acoustics of the room. »

The idea of ​​an art gallery was never realized, but during the pandemic, Yang began combing his extensive archives and releasing lost albums such as Homemade. Eventually he returned Toast. ” The sound is cloudy and dark, but not in a bad wayhe told his fans last year. Bold. From the very first note, you feel sadness that takes over the record. This song with its choir “Don’t say you love me” is called “Exit”. The next one, like the Deep Purple hits, is called “Standing in the light ”. Followed by “Goin Home”, these songs paint a landscape in which time does not matter, because everything goes wrong. A woman is lost in her car. It is surrounded by a dark city – past, present and future. It’s a scary place. It’s your turn to judge. »

It should be noted that here Crazy Horse demonstrates unprecedented and unheard of depthhe continues. The biggest group I’ve ever met. This is the peak. Where they let me go, where they took me, it was amazing. I couldn’t stay. Then: “I want to shake hands, Mr. Disappointment.” It is cloudy and dark. This is undeniable. How can it be so real and elusive? »

Toast will contain ” Stop it »,« Standing in the Light of Love »,« Going Home »,« Timberline »,« The gate of love »,« How you doin’ ” and ” boom boom “.

Andy Green

Translated by the editor

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