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With a month to go until the first friendlies, the club’s players are seriously preparing for the climb, despite the heat.

It has now been a month since training resumed at the CAC. Despite the heat and adjusting to the climatic conditions of the session, the Rouge et Blanc returned to the field, determined to prepare in the best possible way before starting the new season, which starts on September 11 with two races. hens: Castanet and Saint-Sulpice. However, before that, CAC should play three friendly matches on August 20 and 27, as well as on September 3.

As usual, during the off-season the staff and managers will work to get the team in the best possible conditions before the restart.

The first derby on November 13

The club’s goals have not yet been announced to us, but we can objectively believe that they will not be inferior to the good performance achieved last season, which was the first for the sub-prefectural club at this level. It should be noted that you will have to wait until November 13 to attend the first derby of the season against Valencia, which will take place against the Valencian neighbors. The first official match in Alaria will take place on September 25 against Lombez.

In terms of the squad, we should find a fairly similar line-up to last year, as the club has managed to retain almost all of its workforce.

Indeed, only Myron Dumail (Moissac), Nathan Bounaudet (Négrepelisse), the Decavelli brothers (National 2: Marcq en Bareuil), Jeancel Hemilembolo (National 2: Beaune) and Léo Larroque (Négrepelisse) will work in other colours. 2022-2023 season. Vunga Lilo had not yet decided on the continuation of his already long and successful career in mid-July.

On the arrival side, the kacists have chosen to popularize their training by involving in the group Matís Antoine (double USM license), Fabien Boquet (double USM license), Jarod Buret, Maxim Schofel, Enzo Hoeppe, Luis Ricard, Esteban. Rueda and Baptiste Toueille, all six of the CAC Formation.

These new red-and-white shoots will need to add both club returners and those present, bringing the Senior/Hope group to almost 70 players. Thus, between the Espoirs and the Seniors, we should see three quarters: Jeremy Chaput, Jolanne Duilhac, Axel Dupalut, Baptiste Eridi, Pierre Mellac, Jason Pupinat, Mathis Quaglio, Silvio Ringet, Julien Rogisart. To strengthen the forwards, Claude Dry, Mehdi El Youmouri, Anthony Lopez, Martin Polsenere will soon show their new colors. All these beautiful people work hard to work on physical and tactical.

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