CBCAT’s New Challenge to Curb Climate Change through Blockchain Technology

The Catalan Blockchain Center (CBCAT) has launched the third BlockchainXODS challenge, a program for university students to learn blockchain and its subsequent application in real projects aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). encourages This occasion aims to use this technology to curb climate change.

The third BlockchainXODS Challenge will be held until 2022. September 15

The third edition of the BlockchainXODS challenge as a response to SDG 13 (Adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects) and SDG 15 (Sustainable forest management to combat desertification) Decarbonization provided in forested areas. promotion. Prevention and restoration of land degradation and prevention of biodiversity loss).

The entity partnering with CBCAT to implement the decision of the winning team in the challenge is the Bitcoin Association for BSV, a non-profit consortium that supports the BSV blockchain protocol and aims to create a regulated ecosystem. lawyers. cryptocurrency. This encourages legitimate behavior and encourages digital currency and blockchain innovation.

Take part in the third BlockchainXODS challenge

University students from any discipline who are interested in combating climate change and who have or are interested in pursuing a basic knowledge of blockchain are eligible to participate. At the start of the challenge, all participants will be given mandatory virtual training to publicize this technology, the Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against climate change.

Students can register in groups or individually and CBCAT will be responsible for forming teams of three or four. Everyone who participated in the challenge will receive a certificate of participation, and the winners will receive virtual reality glasses. Registration will take place on the program website until September 15.

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