Cemex invests in 3D printing technology

Monterrey, Mexico, 2022 July 25,cmmax announced today that Cemex Ventures, through its venture capital and open innovation arm, has invested in kobod, world leader 3d printer For construction.

According to the statement, this is part of the investment cmax strategy provide a better customer experience With the support of digital technology. The cement company said it will strengthen its capacity for use 3D printing technology And adds a new opportunity to meet housing needs.

Cemex and COBOD have worked together to innovate over the past year 3d printingThrough this partnership, he introduced for the first time 3d printing which uses conventional concrete production process.

“This solution offers significant savings compared to other 3D printing solutions and has been successfully implemented in various geographies,” the companies said.

Cemex and COBOD They want to continue to develop innovative content solutions and improve performance Production of 3D printing applications.

he said it 3D printing production methods Today, rely on highly specialized and expensive mortars. Cemex presents D.fabA patented admixture family that enables efficient application of ordinary concrete 3D printing manufacturingThis admixture innovation produces more concrete flow and ease Suction to adapt to 3D printing.

las PRINTING AND COBOD EXPERIENCE Together with admixtures, they enable a more efficient process that requires fewer materials and can use any concrete,” he explained.

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“The investment in COBOD reflects our customer focus and vision for continuous innovation and improvement. Working with COBOD, Cemex has created a customer experience in 3D printing manufacturing that is better than anything before,” they said. Gonzalo Galindo, director Cemex Ventures.

“Cemex is already an important partner for us. Together we improved production 3D printing using D.Fab’s successful solutions We intend to develop innovative materials to create a better future, using solutions for their adaptation to 3D printing that significantly reduce costs and time,” he said. Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder and CEO of COBOD.

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