CF Montreal – Atlanta United FC: Extends winning streak

The last time CF Montreal met Atlanta United FC, they launched a five-loss series in the MLS.

This lucky series could be extended to six this afternoon when the Saputo Stadium is visited by Atlanta. Add to that a draw in the Champions League ahead of that draw 3: 3, which took place on March 19 in Georgia.

If the team scored at least one point this afternoon, it would reach the club’s record with a sixth game failure in the MLS.

“Five in a row is an unbeatable number, and it’s the stats needed to get into the playoffs,” Alister Johnston said.

“But the most important thing is to collect three points on your field.”

And yet the match in Atlanta had left a very bitter taste in the team’s mouth, which then had a two-week break to digest it all.

“This match was the hardest to digest this season,” said Alister Johnston. But we were able to turn it into a positive one, and we fed it.

“We were able to refocus and apply the principles of a coach. »

To understand, you need to know that Montreal had a 3: 1 lead in the first half. Things were going to get worse for the visitorsand minute.

But Atlanta rolled up his sleeves and the Montreal chain succumbed. The locals scored in point 85and per minute and at the break of the game (90 + 2).

“We controlled the game and shot each other in the leg. That’s the lesson we learned,” Rudy Kamacho said.

We understand even better why the tablet was hard to swallow when Wilfried Nancy says his team played a good match despite the unsatisfactory result.

“In the first game, I liked the way we held the ball 11 to 11. I felt like my players were in control of the ball and they were calm.”

And yet the team was able to liquefy after such a disappointment, but the draw crystallized the group’s efforts instead.

“It’s hard not to remember how this game ended,” Johnston said. It was heartbreaking, but it seemed to be so, especially when the third base came. That was our story at this stage of the season. »

“Now we’ve found a way to go, remaining unbeaten in a number of games.”

Because Wilfried Nancy is a coach in his heart, he chose to see the situation as an apprenticeship to pass on to his team. He opened the discussion so that everyone can contribute to the search for solutions.

“I gave the floor to the players when we got back to the match. I wanted to hear their feelings.”

And his men were able to play back in the last week against the Philadelphia Union, the best team in the East, despite not falling behind by one goal.

“I really enjoyed holding the ball against Philadelphia, a team with a fairly high expected stake. In the last 15 minutes we were able to stop them.

The players felt good in the last game. They knew that even if we let the gate in, we could return. »

Wound decimated

Atlanta United FC has collapsed, but none of CF Montreal will take it lightly.

Within a few weeks, the Georgia team lost the top three players for a long time.

Joseph Martiness (on the road) is expected to be in graduation for another four to six weeks. Not so good news is in the case of goalkeeper Breda Guzana, whose season ended with the Achilles tendon rupture. Goalkeeper Dylan Castanheira was also injured in the Achilles tendon.

Midfielder Osvaldo Alonso broke his internal cross ties and will not play this season.

Wilfried Nancy raised the red flag when it came to injuries that hit the opponent of the day.

“Be careful, we must not look at their history. They have good players and a clear plan. They like to get on the ball and they are not going to change their game because they have injuries.”

Alister Johnston was mainly talking about failure when describing what was happening in Atlanta.

“They are probably the most unsuccessful team to have been injured in the last 15 months.

“I remember playing with them last year and it was like playing against Atlanta FC 2. Despite everything, they are able to compete.”

Noting 131and His career goal against Philadelphia last week Kei Kamara was two goals away from Jamie Moreno and 4th.and a place among the most successful players in MLS history.

“I know because he keeps talking about it in the locker room,” Alister Johnston said with a laugh. He talks about it a lot and even Victor has started talking about it. I look forward to two of him this weekend. »

Jokingly, he praised his teammate, who seems to be truly appreciated in his new locker room.

“It shows his longevity. He’s 37 years old, but he’s not doing it. It’s still moving smoothly. If I’m still in that shape at age 37, I’ll be very happy.”

Opponent 5 points

– A big piece

CF Montreal will certainly not complain that Joseph Martiness will not be in shape this afternoon. The Venezuelan is again Atlanta’s top scorer with two goals and two assists in five games.

– Not badly taken

With no number one goalkeeper Breda Guzana, Atlanta isn’t too badly welcomed by Bobby Shuttleworth. The 34-year-old veteran started several seasons in teams in New England, Minnesota and Chicago.

– In good condition

Despite injuries, Atlanta continues to perform well and ranks 4thand place in the MLS East Conference with 11 points and a balance – three wins, three losses and two draws. Offroad is harder with a 1-3-0 balance.

– Robots

The Atlanta season is going up and down, and the Georgian team has failed to win two in a row. After a series of three losing games, she has just experienced three without wins and has been eliminated twice.

– Mute on the go

It could not be said that Atlanta’s attack this season destroys everything by ten goals in eight games, including three against CF Montreal. And abroad is even worse with two very few successes in four games.

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