CGG: CGG has a major contract for the processing of 4D seabed survey in Brazil

Winner of the CGG main contract
4D study processing
seabed in Brazil

Paris, France – 2022 March 24

CGG today announced that PXGEO has selected it for the processing and imaging of a two-stage seabed seismic survey (OBN). Sapinhoá In the Santos Basin, near Brazil. The final data will give Petrobras, the operator in the field, a better understanding of geology so that it can better focus on the development of oil extraction and production.

Peter Whiting, CGG vice president of geosciences, said: « With unparalleled experience in OBN projects against the salt zone, CGG is arguably the world leader in seismic imaging of the seabed. Experts from our specialized research center in Rio are unanimously recognized for developing computing algorithms and technologies tailored to every 4D seabed project in this pre-salt zone and delivering ultra-high resolution images.has. »

The 575 km² basic 3D seismic survey captured by the PXGEO Poseidon Seabed Team is already underway at the CGG Rio Imaging Center. To solve the difficulty of imaging against saline zone structures and to better understand the geomechanical behavior of the reservoir, CGG experts are deploying the latest patented imaging technologies, including time-delay FWI inversion (TLFWI), internal multiple attenuation, and least squares. migration technology. Processing of the 4D study is scheduled for 2023.

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