CH4 Global ™ Appoints Chief Operating Officer and New Chief Operating Officer to Rapidly Increase Production and Globalization

Chris Rose has a mandate to develop CH4 Global’s external partnerships to rapidly increase and increase the company’s global impact with its greenhouse gas mitigation solutions, particularly with the asparagus-based ruminant product family. Before joining CH4 Global, Mr. Rose had a 27-year career at Procter & Gamble, where he was senior vice president of global business development and led global mergers and acquisitions, business development and licensing. He has also led several efforts for the P&G Group of Companies, working with members of the startup community to launch and build new global brands in new product categories – a complete biography here.

Tim Williamswho will start working in a new role June 20thth2022, will lead CH4 Global operations, including subsidiaries of the company in Australia in New Zealandto enable rapid growth and maturation of activities – from the Asparagopsis hatchery, growth, harvesting and quality control activities, to the production of finished products to the distribution and global availability of products. Mr Williams’ range of expertise includes managing one and more plants, profit and cost management, resource allocation, lean manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, cost containment, logistics, end-to-end supply chain and procurement. He has led these functional areas in companies such as Combe, where he was Senior Vice President, Global Business and Supply Chain, and Bunge, where he was Director for Integrated Process Improvement. As COO at Vi-Jon, the world’s largest provider of private label personal care products, Mr. Williams redesigned the company’s operations, supply chain and customer service function – a complete biography here.

Mr Rose said he was “excited to work with such a stellar management team to realize the full potential of CH4 Global technology. Together we can make a significant impact on the world (environment, farmers / ranchers, indigenous people) and make the most of it an exceptional business opportunity for the benefit of all involved. “

Mr Williams commented: “I am inspired, honored and humiliated by the opportunity to work with the CH4 Global team and work together to influence the planet and climate change. All I have done in my career to date is prepare to take on this extremely challenging challenge. . “

About CH4 Global
Founded in 2018, CH4 Global is on an urgent mission to have a positive impact on climate change around the world. With its expertise in transforming ambitious ideas into successful, fit products, CH4 Global enables customers to radically reduce methane emissions in support of the 2 degree Celsius target. Its first line of methane-reducing feed additives is derived from the seaweed Asparagopsis for large producers of beef and dairy products, which, even if taken for only 10% of cattle, would bring more climate benefits than decomposing 50 million fossil fuel cars. CH4 Global is based in Henderson, NVwith subsidiaries in Australia in New Zealand. Learn more:

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