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Chainsaw Man fans are in for a huge week, with MAPPA confirming that Trailer 2 will be revealed in the coming days. It’s been over a year since the first Chainsaw Man trailer was revealed, and there haven’t been any new images since then, and we’re still waiting to find out exactly when the release date will be. Ahead of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s popular manga adaptation coming to Crunchyroll this year, a new trailer has been confirmed to be released soon.

The official Twitter account for the Japanese anime Chainsaw Man has confirmed that Trailer 2 will be revealed on Friday, August 5th.

The trailer, which will be released on MAPPA’s official YouTube channel, will be uploaded at 8 p.m. Japan time.


Chainsaw Man Trailer 2 will be revealed at the MAPPA event along with the first details.

Details on how to live stream the Chainsaw Man 2 reveal trailer are below. And here are the streaming start times in other regions…

Chainsaw Man Trailer 2 Reveals Time and Date: Friday, August 5, 4 p.m. PT, 7 a.m. 12 p.m. EST 1pm BST CEST

It remains to be seen if the release date for the Chainsaw Man anime will also be announced once the 2nd trailer is released.

Given that Chainsaw Man will be released in 2022 (Chainsaw Man has been rumored for an October release), it’s no surprise that an announcement is coming soon.

If the release date for the Chainsaw Man anime isn’t revealed on Friday, it could be a few days later.

The Crunchyroll Expo will also be showing the Chainsaw Man anime this week.

The anime is expected to debut on the final day of the high-profile expo.

The Chainsaw Man panel at the Crunchyroll Expo is scheduled for Sunday, August 7 at 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. EST and 9 p.m. BST.

The panel takes place on Crunchyroll’s main stage at Crunchyroll Expo and will feature Chainsaw Man producer Makoto Kimura and MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka.

Other than that, information on what will be announced is scarce.

Crunchryoll is promoting the Chainsaw Man anime after the Sony-owned service announced earlier this year that it had secured streaming rights for Chainsaw Man outside of Asia.

Chainsaw Man will be simulcast on Crunchyroll in regions such as the UK, with dubs available in languages ​​such as English, French and German.

After announcing that Chainsaw Man would be available on Crunchyroll earlier this year, the streaming service announced: “Today, Crunchyroll announced that the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime, based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga of the same name, will be simulcast on the platform this year! The Man will be available in Crunchyroll territories worldwide (excluding Asia), and the series will feature additional voices in English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French and English. “German language”.

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