Check the launch date, time, and how to watch the live event

A popular multiplayer online game World of Warcraft 2022 May 3 debuts on mobile. Game developer Blizzard Entertainment has posted an official Twitter post. World of Warcraft 2022 April 28 The live broadcast of the event will be broadcast through the official website of the developer. Read on to find out more about World of Warcraft.

The official game website reads: “The Warcraft universe continues to captivate the imagination around the world with its insightful experience and engaging gameplay, which is the foundation World of Warcraft and HearthstoneIn addition, the blog post says, “We’re excited to introduce a new mobile game for Azeroth heroes looking to play on the go, and we look forward to getting it in your hands.”

Where can I watch a World of Warcraft mobile show?

Those wishing to attend the game’s presentation event should visit May 3 10:00 PDT (22:30 IST). While no other information is available yet, it should appear in the next two days. The Twitter message and website reveal an image of lightning that can be used as a game mascot in several places. In addition, the game logo was revealed.

In addition, the developers have also announced that Diablo will debut on Android and iOS devices in 2022. June 2 The game’s official website says, “Fight the ancient evils and discover the untold story of Diablo II and Diablo III in this new mass-based multiplayer online action RPG created for mobile and now also coming in an open beta on a personal computer.

Here are a few words about the plot of the game, published on the website “Archangel Tyrael is considered dead and humanity has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Fragments of the broken Worldstone, still full of great power, pollute Diablo’s minions. News from Blizzard Entertainment and other games.

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