Christmas Quiz: Scientific News 2020, Guaranteed Without Covid

By all accounts, 2020 was a sad year. But science never ends! Also, to strengthen the brain during isolated parties or in small groups, Science and the future invites you to stand out among readers with a quiz that summarizes the scientific news of recent months, never to mention which pandemic.

Take the quiz Sciences et Avenir

Do you know how much time an interplanet highway could save? Where are the potential new organs noticed this year? Who used a certain crystal in May? Astronomy, nature, archeology, health or physics, if you have already read the articles, you will definitely know … And if you haven’t already, you will find a list of articles based on the quiz at the bottom of the page. Good game and good luck!

To discover items you didn’t know yet or learn more about, here are the articles to find the answers to this quiz:

The oldest bottle with …

Interplanetary highway

Interactive map …

Unknown mineral

Quit smoking young enough to reduce the risk

Time capsule that floats too fast

Mayan ingenious technique

Potential new human organ

Mpemba effect

Mysterious picture

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