Climate: Prospects for an increasingly air-conditioned planet

SAccording to the International Energy Agency (IEA), there are currently 2.1 billion air conditioners in use worldwide, accounting for approximately 10% of total electricity consumption. Their number has quadrupled since 1990, when it was 570 million. China, which had only 79 million air conditioners in 1990, now has 818 million, double that of the US (411 million). This is followed by Japan and Korea (224 million between them), the European Union (126 million), India (67 million), the Middle East (64 million) and Brazil (32 million).

Cool Japan

Japan has the highest proportion of air-conditioned homes in the world (91%), ahead of the US (90%), South Korea (86%) and Saudi Arabia (63%). is 5% in India and 6% in South Africa. Of the 2.8 billion people living in the warm lands of the planet, only 8% currently live in air-conditioned homes.

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Due to global warming, but mainly to the increase in living standards and the continuation of the urbanization movement in developing countries, the number of air conditioners should continue to increase rapidly in the coming decades to reach 5.6 billion. According to IEA experts, the most dramatic increase will be seen in India, where the number of air conditioners is expected to increase 17 times to 1.14 billion in 2050. China would have 1.4 billion on that date and the US 542 million. , the European Union 275 million, Indonesia 236 million and the Middle East 210 million.

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