Cole Sprouse, Lana Condor breaks her Moonshot chemistry

The connection is not out of this world. Lana Kondor and Cole Sprouse had to add charm to his latest film, Moonshot – and they are glad they were able to do it together.

“The vibe has always been good,” he said For all the boys The 24-year-old actress exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, March 23, promoting the upcoming film. “We had a great time.”

Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor. Matt Baron / Shutterstock.

The Riverdale The 29-year-old and Condor added that they were both lucky to get along so well, especially playing characters who allegedly fall in love with each other.

“It’s really special when you can work in a job where your co-workers are just good people Lethal class alum told me Mes. “It simply came to our notice then. But for that, at least in my opinion, I feel very grateful and I was very lucky that it was Cole because I think [he’s] a good man. “

Moonshot will take place in the near future when Mars is teraformed and colonized by the most successful people on Earth. The condor plays Sofi, a diligent college student who wants to visit her boyfriend on the planet, and Sprouse plays Walt, a barista who joins the spaceship with her just because she always dreamed of going to Mars.

The film adds an element of science fiction to a more traditional romantic comedy, which is one of the reasons why Sprouse decided to join the project. “It seemed like a really good time,” he said Mes. “It’s important to stay happy with what you’re doing, and it seemed like a project that seemed a lot of fun. It’s a light, easy-to-digest, light film … and it certainly wasn’t more complicated.

Cole Sprouse Lana Condor shone through her happy chemistry

Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor in Moonshot. YouTube

Condor was also great at making the film, which was filmed in Atlanta – definitely in a quieter setting than in New York or Los Angeles. “I think that as entertainers, we sometimes forget that we can finally play pretense,” she said of her time in the project. “We just play kids.”

The Five feet away said the actor Mes that he is “much more of a planner” than Walt, but he has found one thing in common with the character. “I have that boyish sense of adventure that he really feels, and I resonate with that,” he explained.

While Sprouse and Condor had to get close to the filming scene, things weren’t so romantic when the cameras stopped spinning. Moonshot filmed in 2021, when strict coronavirus protocols were used during production, the duo set up a series of scenes with intimacy.

“We have to, for example, sterilize our mouths and do everything. It’s interesting, ” X-Men: Apocalypse the actress joked Mes. “But to be honest, I like it because I say, ‘Damn, now like a fresh smell and all’s well.’

In real life, Condor recently got engaged to his longtime friend, Anthony De La Torre’as. “Saying YES was the easiest decision I have ever made,” she wrote on Instagram in January. “I consider myself the absolute happiest woman in your realm. Without my father, you are without a doubt the greatest man in the world.

Sprouse in turn met Ari Fournier from 2021 the beginning. He made headlines last summer when he joked that sharing photos of the 23-year-old model would upset Riverdale fans who still hoped he would reconcile with the ex-girlfriend Lili Reinhart. “It’s time to get angry again at the age of 14,” 2021 said. July. he wrote on Instagram, providing captions for photos starring Fournier.

Moonshot premiered at HBO Max on Thursday, March 31st.

With a report by Leanne Stanton

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