Comcast NBCUniversal and Education Opportunities Council Launch $ 1.5 Million “Jurassic World Rule Your Future STEAM Initiative”

PHILADELPHIA- (BUSINESS WIRE) – Comcast NBCUniversal today announced the launch of the Jurassic World Rule Your Future STEAM Initiative, a new program aimed at strengthening STEAM preparation and digital skills among low-income students and first-generation students. Supported by $ 1.5 million in cash and in kind by Comcast, Universal Pictures and Universal Parks & Resorts, this cross-business initiative harnesses the collective power of the Comcast NBCUniversal brand family to provide access to resources for more young people. and the opportunities they need to succeed in today’s digital world. The initiative is part of the UP project, Comcast’s large-scale initiative to advance digital justice and help build a future of unlimited possibilities.

Collaborate with the Council on Educational Opportunities (COE), a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC that promotes equity in access to college and success through federal TRIO (TRIO) programs, three 10-hour STEAMs (Science, Technology). , Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) were designed by educational experts with contributions from key experts from the new Jurassic World Dominion a film coming to cinemas on June 10th. The content is based on key themes from the Jurassic World franchise, including paleontology, animatronics and DNA, and offers students an exciting, hands-on experience to develop the skills needed to search for a non-traditional STEAM. career. Each of the three units opens with a video introduction from Jurassic World Dominion talent, among them: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and DeWanda Wise. The three courses currently available in 35 TRIO programs nationwide include:

  • Paleontology: STEAM in conversation with the Jurassic Council

  • Robotics and Animatronics: STEAM in Conversation with the Jurassic World

  • Genetics and DNA: STEAM in conversation with the Jurassic Council

“This is an exciting collaboration designed to help inspire young people to pursue a STEAM-related career,” said Broderick Johnson, executive vice president, digital capital and executive vice president of public policy at Comcast Corporation. “We are giving these amazing TRIO students the opportunity to explore content they may not have been exposed to before. This is a powerful example of how Comcast NBCUniversal promotes digital justice with the UP project, designed to help more people have equal access to the opportunities, education and resources they need to succeed in the digital world.

“Universal Pictures is proud to work with Comcast to create the Jurassic World Rule Your Future STEAM initiative,” said David O’Connor, President of Franchise Management, Brand Strategy and Partnerships at Universal Pictures. “The Jurassic World is a global franchise that has inspired many generations to enter scientific fields, and we are thrilled to be part of this program that allows more high school students to explore careers in science, technology and media. Comcast has long been committed to this kind of work and we are excited to inspire the next generation of STEAM professionals.

“We are delighted to be part of this amazing STEAM initiative,” said COE President Maureen Hoyler. “Inspiring first-generation college-bound students and exposing them to careers they may never have thought possible is at the core of our mission at COE. We can’t wait to see what discoveries or innovations can happen as a result of our students’ participation in this creative learning experience. ”

The Jurassic World Rule Your Future STEAM initiative will be launched in cities across the United States. In addition to classroom experience, 350 TRIO students received a paid trip to the Jurassic World Rule Your Future STEAM Initiative Symposium at Universal Studios Hollywood from June 3 to June 5, 2022. There they participated in STEAM interactive demonstrations, attended faculty and career fairs , saw an early screening of a new film, Jurassic World Dominionexperienced Universal Studios Hollywood, heard from filmmakers and movie stars at a panel discussion and received a free laptop from Comcast Internet Essentials.

Based on feedback from the initial pilot and symposium, the STEAM initiative will be expanded to provide free access to the curriculum on additional TRIO programs, Internet Essentials partners and Comcast Lift Zone sites, with opportunities for further activations in the future.

Comcast has also provided activity boxes to 1,000 non-profit Lift Zone community centers across the country to inspire younger students. In addition to other items, the boxes contained a Jurassic World Rule Your Future STEAM activity book, created for Lift Zone partners, which will also be available free of charge, via digital download, to all Internet Essentials partners.

In addition to this exciting program, students and fans of Jurassic World can experience two more exciting rides inspired by blockbusters. Among them is the VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando Resort, the fastest, tallest and most intense launch pad in Florida ever created, catapulting 155-foot cyclists into the air at extreme speeds of up to 70 mph while racing along with the wild Velociraptor package; and Jurassic World — The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, a spectacular mega attraction with a brand new technologically advanced and fully articulated dinosaur Indominus rex, which puts its rights in a mighty battle with its most likely rival, the tyrannosaurus rex.

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About the Council for Opportunities in Education

The Council for Educational Opportunities (COE) is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 to further expand student opportunities for first-generation low-income students and students with special needs. The Council, with its many membership services, works with schools, universities and agencies to host the federal TRIO programs, which help more than 800,000 low-income and special needs students each year to gain access to college and retention services.

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