Condom. Hospital center: continuous development

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Guided tour with the director of the institution, whose activities are still affected by the Covid crisis, which has also mistreated staff.

Bertran Tenes has been the hospital’s director for almost five years. Interview: “It is a polymorphic institution with a number of care services that are constantly evolving in response to the operation, especially the health crisis, which has greatly reshaped the way we treat our patients. We have 200 professionals, medical, nursing, administrative and technical staff. We have recorded 10,000 visits in 2007, which is very important and has been growing steadily for seven years, and the explanation comes from our health area, but also from the tensions in the liberal doctors in the city. and nursing staff.We are waiting for applications.The teams have been severely affected by the health crisis, even if the situation seems to be improving.The tension started on February 24, 2020, which caused great fatigue.My teams showed courage and considerable professional commitment because it also required to prevent care delays.And the epidemic has also affected staff because of care The Act requires a degree of proximity to the sick. A good third of hospital professionals are infected with the virus. The crisis is not over yet, six of the twenty patients are still in medicine due to Covid. The virus continues to spread among the population, of course in a less virulent way, but we must remain cautious. This news is mistaken for a health crisis. The various vaccination campaigns have had a positive effect, but we are still very careful. Today, there are two ways to protect yourself: to be vaccinated and to use barrier gestures, which we will do in hospital until the end of an emergency. In addition to emergency care, you will always need to present a health card. ” The health crisis has financially affected a hospital looking to expand its care offering, such as the restructuring of its MRI and emergency department.

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