Connect and personalize your world with Samsung’s #YouMake campaign

Samsung Electronics is launching the #YouMake campaign to bring personalization and connectivity to its customers on a daily basis.

• The campaign offers new ways to help users get the most out of their devices and their lifestyle.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched its new campaign called #YouMake, through which an international company provides a global marketing platform that allows consumers to get devices with a design that suits their needs.

The project was first announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year with the ambitious goal of allowing users around the world to express their changing lifestyles and incorporate it into their devices. The campaign expands Samsung’s exclusive out-of-home vision by bringing smartphones and large screens to life. #YouMake platform offers a better way to personalize and connect with the controls provided by Samsung SmartThings IoT solutions.

To launch this campaign, Samsung launched #YouMake on, offering a range of products that can be customized to suit users’ style, space and daily routine. The list of eligible products includes a variety of smartphones, TVs, refrigerators and even wearables such as the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition, Galaxy Watch4 Bespoke Edition, Bespoke Refrigerator, The Frame, The Freestyle and the Samsung Smart Monitor M8. The site also offers exclusive colors for the M8 smart display and the Galaxy S22. Users can design each product to their own unique taste through a site where they can save or purchase final designs.

“Samsung is working for a future where technology is transparent and the user is at the heart of creating new value in our lives and in our society. We believe that everyone has the right to personalize their devices, as well as the latest technologies that are more connected and easier to use. said Jong Hee Han, vice president and general manager, Samsung devices experience manager in his keynote speech at CES.

The #YouMade campaign is currently being launched in eight countries and will be launched in several countries in the second half of this year. As part of the same campaign, Samsung plans to provide ongoing services and benefits through virtual experiences and events that allow customers to participate in the best Metaverse platforms.

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