Container terminal in Novorossiysk has started the implementation of the national project “Labor productivity”

A photo: Krasnodar Territory Administration website

Experts from the Regional Competence Center will help implement lean manufacturing methods in the company.

Terminal-A translates mineral fertilizers as well as grain, bulk and bagged cargo. Experts from the Regional Competence Center have already created a group of employees who have gone through a series of training seminars.

“The country’s foreign trade is in a difficult situation today. But the challenge we have accepted is to increase our share of global maritime trade. With prudent planning and cost elimination, we will be able to build a new transport network and we should use all government support measures. The national project to increase labor productivity is a good tool for this, “said the regional minister of economy Alexei Yurtev.

Entrepreneurship support measures have been developed in Krasnodar and included in the plan to ensure sustainable economic development and social stability in the region. Participants in the national project “Labor Productivity” can use the investment tax deduction for income tax up to 90%.

A full list of additional regional support measures can be found on the website of the Regional Ministry of Economy.

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