Covid-19 worldwide: a contrasting situation

LCovid-19 caused nearly 241,000 deaths worldwide in September, including more than 2,300 in France. Although the situation is generally improving in Western Europe and North America, pollution is increasing every day in other parts of the world.

In France, the peak of this fourth wave of pollution was reached around 15 August. Since then, the number of new cases every day has decreased. The development of Covid-19-related mortality was followed by a ten-day lag. However, the two-week recession has slowed and we seem to be moving towards the plateau.

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Globally, the pandemic began to subside in early August, with the number of daily deaths slowly declining for a month. The figures for the last few days are also stabilizing at around 8 000 deaths per day.

Africa and Eastern Europe are tense

The situation is far from improving everywhere. For several weeks now, Eastern European countries have been deploring new cases every day. Russia’s pollution curve is also starting to rise again after a period of improvement. In North America, Canada is finally improving over the previous week, with a 0.7% drop in new cases. In the United States, pollution is still declining, but the number of deaths is still rising slightly: 42 deaths per million, up from 41 the previous week.

In Latin America, the situation is stabilizing again: in Brazil, the number of new cases has fallen by 41% in the last two weeks. On the other hand, the pandemic is once again growing slightly in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile.

In Oceania, daily pollution continues to rise. After stabilizing last week, the number of new cases in the last seven days is slightly higher than in the previous week (+ 4.5%). In Africa, emerging countries such as Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and Zimbabwe are on the rise. In the last few days, about fifteen Covid-19-related deaths have been reported in Angola every day. There are about fifty in France.

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