Cut the Rope 2: An even more open-ended adventure at SFR Games with no limits

After the successful first opus Cut the rope 2 is coming to SFR Unlimited Games. An adventure that is still similar to the one we already know, but pushed a little further by its creators.

Brainstorming fun is what we promised you back then Cut the rope came to the SFR Games unlimited. With Cut the rope 2, which is also featured in the app, is still relevant. We find the cute little monster from the first part, Om Nom (given the noise we make as we enjoy what we’re eating), still determined to swallow this little stringy treat. And again, this green and adorable creature is very lazy. She wouldn’t move a bit or nearly to swallow her four hours. You have to do all the work and double your ingenuity to get it down your throat with minimal movements.

So far, nothing really new in the tropics. So Cut the rope 2 is it just a pale copy of the original game? Not exactly. For the second adventure, ZeptoLab, the studio behind the game, pulls out all the stops. Break out of that closed-off feeling, Om Nom opens up to the world and finds itself in a much more diverse universe than the previous one, which also increases the player’s options tenfold.

Cut the Rope 2: When Om Nom opens up to the world

Remember: to Cut the ropeOm Nom was locked in a small cardboard box and asked to possess you. Cut the rope 2, in turn, wants to be more open and offers us more diverse experiences, taking us to disorienting areas: canyons, forests and other valleys. A small thing that doesn’t change much gameplayrather, it allows to break the monotony of the first opus.

And whoever says that the world is more open means the discovery of new creatures. Now that the player and Om Nom are out of the sad cardboard box, the possibilities have increased tenfold. No more just cutting the famous rope in all directions for our friend to swallow his candy. Other little curmudgeons join the adventure, each offering a different way of looking at the problem at hand. One of them will be able to transport any object along a set path, another will offer a rebounding platform, and the third, sticking out its tongue, will create bridges. A wide variety of options that give you a bit of a boost Cut the rope 2 : No level is ever the same.

Have you figured out how to get the candy to Om Nom? © ZeptoLab

A major change to Cut the Rope 2

To this must be added a revolutionary innovation: gravity no longer has the same importance. Because candy is no longer just destined to be attached to a string or fall. It can now interact with decor elements and even roll, which greatly increases the chances of getting it into Om Nom’s greedy mouth. Therefore, it goes without saying that the game is more challenging compared to the first opus, as there are many different ways to bring the candy to the little green monster. Not to mention the special challenges you have to overcome when you beat a level for the first time just to spice up your adventure even more. This adds quite an interesting life to this seemingly very simple game!

Play Cut the rope 2, go to the SFR Games app available on Android and iOS. If you purchased an Android smartphone from SFR, the app is already pre-installed there. Otherwise, go to from your mobile phone.

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