Dan Azeez is looking for the title of world champion after the match with Artur Beterbiev before the fight of Joe Smith Jr. Boxing news

Dan Azeez is ready to move into the fight for the title of world champion after recently living life at the top thanks to the collaboration with the terrifying champion Arthur Beterbiev.

The British semi-heavyweight candidate spent time training with the Russian in preparation for the WBC and IBF title against Joe Smith Jr. in New York this Saturday, thus increasing his own supplies in the eyes of the championship team.

It seems that Azeez will undoubtedly have one eye as he tries to continue his rise through the division after extending his record without a loss to 16-0 (11 KO) in March and stopping Reece Cartwright in the eighth round.

“He trained with Beterbiev for the match, so he knows everything about him,” BOXXER CEO Ben Shalom told Sky Sports. “I think they were very impressed by what they saw.

“I know they tried to sign him while he was there, he’s an impressive guy, Dan, and people will be surprised at what level he can compete. We’ll see what happens, everyone wants world titles.” whether it’s Dan Azeez, (Joshua) Buatsi, Anthony Yarde.

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Reece Cartwright gave a brave performance, but Dan Azeez proved to be too much and finished his opponent in the eighth round.

“I know that Anthony Yarde may be mandatory for the WBO and then there could be a unification with (Dmitry) Bivol, but Dan Azeez wants to be in this group, in this mix.

“I hope we get him into a big fight this summer and hopefully he starts knocking on the door to the world titles.”

Beterbiev enters the battle with Smith Jr. 17-0, when he kept his titles with the December elimination victory against Marcus Brown in the ninth round.

Azeez supported him as a ‘heavy favorite’ and since he shared the ring with the 37-year-old himself, he believes it will be a “testimony” to Smith’s toughness if he lasts more than six rounds.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories about how he plays and how demonic, brutal and wild he is,” Azeez told Sky Sports. “But I’ve always had a mentality that if you want to be the best, you have to combine it with the best and I’ve been challenged to go there and train with him, train with him and learn from him.”

“I was a little nervous when I went into the unknown, but I was ready and ready, it was a great experience.

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Arthur Beterbiev will hope to unleash his fierce attacks on Joe Smith Jr. in their vast struggle for unification in the half-heavy weight.

“He’s a savage in the ring, but an angel outside, I learned a lot from him. When I went out there, I realized that there are levels, but there are levels on the levels.”

“Arthur is a brilliant fighter, he is very strong, he also has a very good IQ in boxing. I can’t wait to watch the match and see if he can do what he coached in the match and training.”

Azeez is moving towards his own championship ambitions, while Shalom suggests that the 32-year-old is missing “one or two” matches from the coveted world title.

He currently ranks 14th in the IBF World Rankings, but hopes to erase the lead over British rivals Joshua Buats and Anthony Yard, who are in second and third place.

“I think he waited a long time to get his chance, so he felt more than ready,” Shalom said.

“In a similar way to Richard (Riakporhe), he had to do it the hard way. No Olympic background, no help, nothing, Southern Champion, English Champion, British Champion, Commonwealth, he did it the hard way, so no.” I don’t want to mess around.

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Richard Riakporhe considers a comfortable victory over Fabio Turchi and says he is ready to fight for the title of world champion

“He feels he is ready and has great confidence in sparring with Beterbiev, who is currently widely regarded as the best semi-heavyweight in the world.”

“Now he knows where he is, and he feels he’s ready, so one or two fights and he’ll knock on the door.”

Olympic silver medalist and new reinforcement BOXXER Ben Whittaker quickly attacked Azeez on the domestic scene and insisted that he wanted to face the “Super” in five matches from the beginning of his professional career.

As for Azeez, he has something to do.

“I laughed when I heard that, but he won the Olympics, I evaluate his abilities, but you can’t put him as such as my name,” Azeez said. “I feel like I’ve built a path, he still has to build his name.

“We are at a time when no one wants to go up the stairs to the top, I went up the stairs, I made money on the lanes and he has to do the same.

“Everyone wants to take the elevator straight to the top, not with me. I’m looking forward to it, it’s another competitor, so we’ll see how it goes.”

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