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Phillip Zulu in LEEDS, England WIGAN Athletic’s advance to the English Football Championship after finishing first in League One this season is good for many Zimbabwean fans who follow Tendayi Darikwa as a Warriors defender and Latics captain.
Darikwa went through a cruel period when he had an injury that led to his transfer from Nottingham Forest to Wigan in a short-term business to help him regain his fitness and confidence.
Some people were shocked and surprised by what Ghana’s current head coach and former Nottingham Forest manager Chris Houghton did because they felt he had been treated harshly by the fact that Darikwa was a senior player involved in promoting the top six games. -off Championship for Forest during two very challenging seasons 2018-19 and 2019-20.
Many Rock rock fans have expressed concern and disapproval of the move because they believed in Darikw’s skills and competencies in recent seasons when he was signed by Burnley.
They were really right, Houghton threw the team lower than the middle table position from which the club got when it was appointed to try to advance to the English Premiership.
Houghton’s departure from Nottingham Forest resonated well with Forest’s current position in their efforts to advance to the English Premiership. His rejection, Darikwa, on the other hand, led to the revival of Wigan Athletic and helped them back to the English Championship.
At the time Darikwa was on loan, I argued that he would rise above this minor hurdle, and instead it should stimulate his conviction and motivation to stay higher in the top football leagues in England. In retrospect, it was a good decision for Darikwa to leave, as his weekend championship victory with Wigan Athletic comes with a good compliment that he got back into the higher divisions.
All Warriors fans celebrated Wigan Athletic and eagerly awaited how they would prepare to stay up or drive their season into the next fight for promotion to the English Premiership next season by adding more quality key players to their staff.
Our recent disaster at the African Nations Cup final speaks for itself when local coaches fail to understand how a modern professional system works, and when these players show their pedigree in style, it has a positive effect on how our decadent national football standards systems need a complete overhaul. .
At a time when we and some coaches and fans from certain circles are questioning the level of competence of these foreign players, we are asking what leads to such introspection given the fact that 7-tier professional leagues in England are intensively competitive and therefore the English Premier League does not have I doubt one of the best leagues in world football.
We have a long way to go to make changes in our local leagues in Zimbabwe and we need to make a serious critical analysis of how the best leagues in world football work. When Darikwa witnessed the upcoming English League One trophy, it brought him good memories of his journey as a 17-year-old professional in his first team debut in Chesterfield in the 2019-2010 season.
He holds a torch to re-engage all young Zimbabweans born abroad to align their careers with Zimbabwe’s national teams.
The government’s national policy of engaging all citizens abroad is greatly enhanced by such outstanding achievements in top-level sport in Europe. Great Darikwa and Wigan Athletic, international football is patiently waiting for you!

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