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Pakistan is facing another political crisis after Imran Hans escaped a motion of censure tabled by opposition leaders last month after several dramatic events. He blamed the opposition for participating in a “foreign conspiracy” and claimed they were trying to spend billions to overthrow his government. The day after President Arif Alvi fired the country’s National Assembly, Hans nominated former Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed as prime minister on Monday. The Supreme Court is set to resume sitting in parliament on Tuesday to reject a vote of no confidence in Imran Han after several sharp remarks were made on the first day of the hearing.

Here is a summary of Pakistan’s political crisis:

1. “We cannot make a decision in the air,” Pakistan’s chief judge Umar Ata Bandials was quoted as saying at several hearings. The Supreme Court, made up of Chief Justice Ijazul Ahsan, Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel, Munib Ahtar and Jamal Khan Mandokhail, opened the case after Deputy Speaker Kasim Suri refused to hear a motion of censure on Sunday.

2. In a series of sharp statements against the motion of censure, Pakka’s chief judge was quoted in the local media as saying: “Doesn’t the speaker have any chance of rejecting the motion of censure? refers to Article 5 of the Constitution. ” Article 5 of the Paks Constitution calls for loyalty to the state.

3. Imrans Hans sent a letter to the President on Monday nominating former Pakistani Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed as caretaker Prime Minister. “I propose the appointment of Gulzar Ahmed, a former Chief Justice of Pakistan, as caretaker Prime Minister,” he said in a letter.

4. The President of Pakistan has informed the National Assembly’s opposition leader, Shehbaz Sharif, of the nomination. “If no reply is received in due time, the appointment of the caretaker prime minister will be considered in accordance with the constitution,” the president’s office said on Twitter.

5. The opposition has accused Imran Han of “treason” for evading distrust. “It is nothing more than a betrayal of the state. IK has plunged the country into anarchy. Niazi and his group will not be allowed to escape without the Scots. Shameless and shameless violations of the constitution will have consequences. said Shehbaz Sharif.

6. In his latest comments on Monday, Imran Kahn said: “I want this trend to end where someone with 20 billion could overthrow the government. This is unacceptable and tantamount to discrediting democracy. Opposition parties fear the public reaction and evasion of the elections they demanded.

7. Imrans Khan had previously accused the United States of interfering in his criticism. He even named the US ambassador, Donald Lu. His rivals have blamed him for the economic crisis in the country.

8. There have been hectic developments in the country since Sunday. The parcel army, which was originally thought to have supported Han when he came to power, has distanced himself from new controversy.

9. Although Kahn has called for new elections, which his ministers say will take place in three months, the Supreme Court must decide whether there will be another vote of confidence in the country or new elections.

10. It is nothing new for Pakistan to see a prime minister struggling to take office. No Pakistani prime minister has been able to complete his term.

(With inputs from ANI, PTI)

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