Day Shift Movie: Vampires, Humor, and Big Guns… Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg Ready to Battle on Netflix!

news culture Day Shift Movie: Vampires, Humor, and Big Guns… Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg Ready to Fight on Netflix!

Following the first trailer presented during Netflix Geeked Week, Day Shift is an action movie where the characters take care to rid the world of vampires. Expected on August 12, the film has just unveiled its official trailer and is setting the tone, you could say.

Day Shift follows in the footsteps of Jamie Foxx, who plays a family man who cleans swimming pools for mere mortals. Food’s job, hiding another, is to track down and destroy the many vampires living in the environment.

Sky, sun and… vampires

With Dave Franco (Impossible), Snoop Dog, Scott Adkins and Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Star Wars Ahsoka), he goes hunting and takes out his targets in various ways, and from quite a funny way in most cases. The new trailer sets the tone as we see that the film is full of action and school humoraccording to wishes JJ PerryA John Wick stuntman who steps behind the camera for the first time.

For his part, Jamie Foxx indicated that the idea is to present a fun adventurewhich uses vampire movie codes to create action comedy efficient. Therefore, we will have the right to special effects, sword fights, shootouts and chases choreographed by stunt veterans. Indeed, with JJ Perry, we find Chad Stelsky””’, who serves as producer here after serving as stunt coordinator on The Hunger Games and John Wick.

Day Shift: “John Wick vs. Bloodsuckers”?

Suffice it to say that we should not be against a film with a highly developed script, but a rhythmic production, with dynamic and audience-pleasing action scenes and very present humor. The trailer shows this perfectly, even offering a luxurious a reference to Twilight, a film saga adapted from the novels of the same name and in which we find Robert Pattinson (Batman) and Kristen Stewart. Throughout the day shift, we are promised a humorous Jonh Wick vampire, which will be played by a team of actors experienced in this exercise.

Will the movie be more than just (and good?) popcorn entertainment? I’m not sure, but it will good time for the audience is like one night in hell that went in the same direction. The key to Day Shift’s success definitely lies in this a balance between action, humor and effectsbut we won’t find it on the SVOD platform until August 12.

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