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Paragon Solutions seems to be increasingly perceived as the new star of Israeli cyber intelligence. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has teamed up with former cyber intelligence experts and an experienced hacker to launch Paragon Solutions to add their cyber offensive portfolio.[[[[

With the financial support of Ehud Schneorson, the former commander of the 8200 – the Israeli NSA – he is consolidating his capital. (

BRIDGE. Unit 8200 is an Israeli Defense Forces intelligence unit responsible for signal intelligence and code breaking. The unit is also referred to in some military publications as the Central Intelligence Unit.

BRIDGE. In his new book prof. Eviatar Matania, a former founder and head of Israel’s national cyber security system, currently head of Tel Aviv University’s International Cyber ​​Security Program, says Israel has become one of the world’s leading countries in the region in a decade.

According to a book called Cybermania: how Israel has become a world power in a sector that is shaping the future of humanity, 40% of all private cyber investment in the world is invested in Israel, and a third of the “unicorns,” more than $ 1 billion in private start-ups, are Israeli.

Today, cybernetics accounts for 15% of Israel’s high-tech exports, which alone account for about half of Israel’s total exports, and it will only grow. These are amazing numbers and, in addition, they reveal only a part of the picture, because they are parameters that cannot be measured, such as defense skills. Over the decades, Israel has become a very important player in the new arena of cyber security and cybereconomics.

(University of Tel Aviv).

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