Destiny 2 Solstice 2022: New rewards, cosmetics, updated EAZ and more

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The solstice is approaching and it is time for the Guardians to celebrate life and rebirth. Everyone’s favorite space grandmother, Eva Levante, has returned to the Tower with gifts for all the Guardians. We offer a glimpse of what to expect in this year’s renewed activity.

How to Start Solstice – Where to Get a Solstice Event Card

The Enhanced Solstice Event Card can be purchased from the Warden’s Shop tab or from Eva in the Levant Tower. Whether guardians use the default or advanced event map, it can be accessed from the Director’s Tasks tab.

Improved event card rewards

  • Skateboarding – the legendary emotion (10 event tickets)
  • Platinum Osprey – Exotic Ship (8 Event Tickets)
  • Peach Spotlight Effects – Legendary Transmat Effect (4 Event Tickets)
  • Bitten Cookie Projection – Legendary Ghost Projection (2 event tickets)

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The Bonfire Bash is a seasonal solstice event and can be activated from the tower. It has several different phases to complete to get the best rewards.

  • When loading, Taken surrounds a bonfire in the center of the map. Eliminate them and destroy the distractions around the center.
  • Several igniters will appear around the map. Upon defeat, they will drop orbs that you must throw into the central bonfire.
  • Before long, the Ignitors will have had enough. Three other areas of perceived interference will appear and need to be addressed.
  • The ignition will reappear. After defeating them all or running out of time, the Taken Heat-Drinker will appear. Defeat him to receive your justly deserved reward.

Solstice quest celebration

  • Equip a full set of Burning Armor.
  • Visit Eva Levanti in the tower.
  • Complete the Bonfire Bash activity to turn your silver leaves into silver ash.
  • Visit Eva Levanti in the tower.
  • Open your event card and apply for your first event challenge.
  • Add the tan earned by completing the event challenge to any piece of Candescent armor. This will allow you to spend Silver Ash to imbue your armor with charcoal to upgrade it.
  • By adding Kindling to your Candescent armor, you can imbue it with Glowing Embers to boost its stats. To do this, you need the Silver Ashes you bought during the Bonfire Bash, and it can only be done with a piece of armor that you applied Kindling to.
  • Visit Eva Levanti in the tower.
  • Beauty care products

    Eververse is practically lousy with cosmetics this year. From armor sets to emotes and ghost shells to sparrows, there’s something for everyone willing to spend.

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    Triumphs of the Seal of the Flame Keeper

    Completing each of the triumphs listed below will grant the Guardians the title of Flame Bearer.

    • Belittle success
      • Complete the Bonfire Bash activity
    • good ignition
      • Defeat Ignition Bearers in Bonfire Bash
    • The one who took the torch
      • Defeat Caught in the Bonfire Bash
    • Fuel for the fire
      • Fire up the Bonfire Bash
    • Ashtray
    • Bonfire all around
      • Complete the Bonfire Bash activity against all fighter races
    • Fuel for the fire II
      • Blow more flames in the Bonfire Bash
    • Fuel for the fire III
      • Fire up even more flames in the Bonfire Bash
    • Like a forest fire
      • Eliminate targets anywhere in the system. Defeating Guardians Reward Bonus Progress
    • Pyromania
      • Defeat fighters with solar powers
    • The most general degree
      • Defeat targets with super powers
    • The power of fire
      • Defeat enemy fighters or guardians with powerful weapons
    • Forged in flame
      • Defeat opposing guardians in any action
    • hand lighter
      • Defeat targets with hand cannons
    • Bee solstice
      • Defeat targets with shotguns
    • burn them
      • Defeat bosses anywhere in the system
    • Coal raking
      • Complete reading list activities to earn Silver Pages
    • Solstice anniversary
      • Complete public events in any destination to earn a Silver Leaf
    • Lamp lighter
      • Complete patrols at any destination to earn silver leaves
    • Dare to dream
      • Complete Blind Well Races or Eternal Challenges to earn Silver Leaves
    • fall of light
      • Complete Vanguard Ips or Nightfalls to earn Silver Leaves
    • Race lights
      • Complete games in the Crucible or Gambit playlists to earn Silver Pages
    • A sparkle in the dark
      • Complete Sever Missions or Altar of Sorrow streaks to earn a Silver Leaf
    • On the carpet
      • Complete activities in the World of Thrones to earn the Silver Leaf
    • Ashes
      • Upgrade several glowing armors
    • bonfire
      • Get the bonfire fully lit in the Bonfire Bash activity
    • Incandescent light bulb
      • Complete Dungeons, Raids, Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls or win the Trials of Osiris while wearing a fully restored Candescent armor set.
    • indelible
      • Complete the Bonfire Bash activity without dying

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