Digital decoders: women’s science must be promoted

Using 12 portraits of digital science researchers, teachers-researchers and engineers sketched in pencil Lea BebraInstitute of Information Sciences and their interaction (INS2I) no CNRSIn France, they wanted to highlight the richness of digital science topics and thus break the stereotypes that deter women from doing so.

For a comic called Digital decoders shows enthusiasm, dynamism and humor that makes them overcome traps and gives the desire to move lines. Researchers also talk about their journey, how they got into IT and what obstacles they faced. The choice of portraits shows different disciplines (robotics, quantum computing, cybersecurity, virtual reality, etc.) as well as scientific experience.

The 2021 comic is aimed primarily at young people, in a fun way to better understand the world of digital science and promote vocations.


– Léa Castor, illustrator of digital decoders

Lora Tiboresponsible for communication with the CNRS

Anna Zīgela, Deputy Scientific Director of the CNRS Interdisciplinarity and Interfaces (INS2I)

– Olivier Greenhouse, Deputy Scientific Director of Fundamental Computer Science, INS2I, Paris

You can view and read the comic online here

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