Digital threads between US and China – Reuters

However, the digital spheres of the two global superpowers are not completely separated.

The Chinese cannot officially join Facebook or Google, but companies are selling billions of dollars worth of ads to Chinese-based businesses looking to reach Chinese citizens or Chinese-speaking people around the world.

Brian Wieser, global president of business intelligence at advertising company GroupM, says China-based companies are responsible for selling about $ 10 billion in Facebook ads in 2021.

Amazon, as we know it, would not be without the boom in Chinese merchants who expanded the range of digital mall products I wrote about on Tech yesterday.

Trends and business ideas are also moving between the individual Internet in China and the United States. Do you remember when every new smartphone was smaller than the previous one? Larger-screen smartphones then became popular among Chinese consumers and have now contributed to the dominance of big phones everywhere. If you like your giant iPhone, you can partially thank the 2010 smartphone buyers in Beijing and Shanghai.

Other Chinese trends have shaped the American online experience. American Internet companies have so far unsuccessfully but relentlessly tried to emulate direct e-commerce programs as entertainment from China. And the hopes of executives and investors for food delivery services in the U.S. and Europe are partly due to food delivery services everywhere in China.

The copy also goes the other way. Didi has launched as an app for sending regular car services. However, when in 2014 In China, Uber opened up, connecting people with non-professional drivers, which also affected Didi’s operations. Uber abandoned China in 2016, but the company left its mark on Chinese transportation.

Make no mistake: fragmentation far outweighs the unclear connections between Internet systems in China and the United States. And it’s hard to imagine that would change. China and the US are moving further and further apart, both politically and online.

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