Discover the 8 best applications for creating football compositions

8 great apps for developing football compositions

Fans of the world’s most popular sport, football, are always looking for apps and tools to help them better analyze the tactics and lineups used in the game. Whether you are a fan looking to create your ideal Champions League XI or just want an app to help you play with your friends, you need to check out the 8 apps we offer you.

And most importantly, you can combine the apps in this list with other apps to see results and statistics from the best leagues in the world.

These are the best apps for leveling

The most popular apps for creating football teams

As we said before, whether you’re a fan, a coach, a player, a supporter or a journalist, we’re sure these apps are what you need.

Programming 11

Range of applications11

LineUp11 app to create a command

We start this countdown with a specialized application to quickly and easily create your own football line-up, offering more than 2,000 existing professional football shirts to choose from, with different stadiums and different options to customize your team.

Lineup11 is a free application that allows you to share your football team on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For all this and more, this is one of the most popular apps on this list, the only thing missing is that you can see games in it, but you have these 8 apps and they are free.


It is an ideal application for coaches, assistants, analysts, journalists and fans of the beautiful game, with which you can create queues, hold discussions, develop strategies and disseminate ideas.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, this board can be used on tablets, smartphones and computers. It has high-resolution graphics that are great for developing possible games, game analysis, and easy-to-understand graphics.

Thanks to the multi-tactical board mode, the TacticalPad offers several options for presenting projects. Very complete application.

My programming

My Schedule app

The My Lineup app is one of the best programs for creating an application

An application that allows you to quickly and easily create football formations to show to friends. It is used to imagine that you are a professional coach, to test your knowledge and skills in this sport to create games and see how good you are. Although first you need to research a little about what a football manager should do with the best football manager games on Android devices.

With My Lineup you can create your own football team from a pre-made lineup, as it offers the ability to select players, positions on the playing field, colors and upload photos for each player. Queues can be saved for later editing. If you want to start playing football in the world, become a coach, this application is for you.

Leveling zone

Application programming area

The App LineUp Zone app is very easy to use

Create your own football lineup wherever you are with the Lineup Zone, this app is great for fully customizing your team with any football lineup. You can customize your team name, colors, name and number of each player; In addition to arranging the positions, it allows you to save the alignment as an image for later sharing.

The Lineup Zone offers design strategies for your football team, and you can see team tactics and lineups.

Trained soccer board

This app is basically a simple but digital chart for football coaches, it allows you to draw a system in seconds, it’s great for coaches of any category.

With this table, you will be able to quickly prepare your strategies, improve each player’s techniques and tactics, the only problem with this application is that if you do not pay a premium subscription, you can not do much.


This application is great for managing football teams, creating your own custom line-up and sharing it with your colleagues. LineApp lets you design, edit, save, and share training on major social networks or via email.

You can customize the number of players, choose the type of lineup, shirt color, team name and more. You can also move the position of players on the court so that you can invent new line-ups that are not in the app.

Soccer tactics board

Applications football tactics board

Great app for creating game lineups and tactics

The application allows you to develop your own tactics and games for each game situation, as it offers advanced tools for the most demanding users. Another benefit is its intuitive, simple and fast user interface.

It is undoubtedly one of the applications that has more tools to cover all the details of this beautiful sport than just create a basic range.

DT sports

The DT Sports app

One app that works in multiple sports

Finally, we have an application that works not only in football, because you can create compositions for other sports, such as basketball, baseball and others. So if you’re a sports fan overall, this app will be one of your favorites.

It has the ability to share queue administration so that more than one person can make changes in one queue and the changes are reflected in real time on all devices, making it great for fast work and no need to log in.

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