“Don’t look up”: Scientists imagine a happy ending

SAt the request of the Netflix streaming platform, several scientists and climate activists have imagined a new ending to the film. don’t look up which describes the end of humanity after the comet fell to Earth. In Netflix’s 2021 disaster feature film, the two astronomers, played by Hollywood stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence, spotted a comet rushing to Earth but facing denial from the media, public opinion and politics.

The catastrophic outcome of this allegory of climate change should have made us aware of the reality, “this reality is, of course, the inevitable impact of the comet,” explains director Adam McKay in an article published on the platform’s website Friday. To show that there is still room for action, the director asked various activists, scientists and global climate experts to develop a scenario to avoid the worst.

Thus, meteorologist Eric Holthaus imagines that the leaders form a “world comet council” and join forces to install a space launcher in an emergency and thus divert the meteorite. For Paleoclimatologist and IPCC (UN Climate Expert Group) Co-Chair Valeria Masone-Delmote, the film’s three protagonists can make up for the mighty failure by creating a new team of scientists capable of developing a defense system. an innovation that will steer the course of the comet. Finally, according to ethnologist and anthropologist Jane Goodol, the billionaire responsible for canceling the last-chance mission in the film could abandon his disastrous project after his granddaughter’s sermon: “Grandfather, this is my planet, and this is my future. games.”

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