Duterte’s daughter was sworn in as vice president of the Philippines – Council

MANILA: Sara Duterte-Carpio, the daughter of outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, was sworn in as the 15th vice president of the country on Sunday, calling for national unity following an election campaign leading to a rift.

“The coming days may be full of challenges that require us to be more united as a nation,” she said in an inaugural address in her hometown of Davao, where she swore by her parents who stood by her.

Duterte-Carpio, 44, was the vice-president of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who also won the election on May 9 and will be sworn in as president on June 30, when their six-year term begins.

Marcos, the son and namesake of the disgraced dictator who was ousted from power in the 1986 uprising, also attended an inauguration ceremony attended by Duterte-Carpi’s relatives, allies and supporters.

Both achieved convincing victories with convincing advantages not seen for decades, formed a key alliance and acted on a message of unity that also helped many allies win seats in the legislature and local government positions.

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Like her father, Duterte-Carpio trained as a lawyer before entering politics in 2007 when she was elected to her father’s deputy mayor in Davao, 1,000 km (600 miles) from the capital Manila.

At first she wanted to be a doctor, but instead continued her political career and in 2010 succeeded her father to become the first mayor of Davao.

“If we all take a moment to listen to the call to serve and decide to heed the call … I believe the country will focus on a future of hope, security, strength, stability and progress,” said Duterte-Carpio, who he will also serve as Marcos’ secretary of education.

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