DXC enters into a multi-year contract with ESA to improve the connectivity of space exploration

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(Boursier.com) – DXC technology entered into a multi-year contract to provide network and security services aimed at providing all European Space Agency (ESA) staff, consisting of scientists, engineers and IT specialists, with a secure and agile network that allows them to interact in their space activities from anywhere.
Through this agreement, the DXC will contribute to ESA’s work to develop Europe’s space capabilities by assisting in missions that explore the universe, explore our solar system and orbit the Earth, providing essential data that allows us to monitor and mitigate the effects. climate change.

DXC will help transform the ESA terrestrial network environment with the latest software-defined network technology designed to improve scalability, performance and security. In this way, all ESA staff will work more effectively with their colleagues and international partners on some of the world’s most important science and research missions. In parallel, with the introduction of the new data-driven intelligent automation platform DXC Platform X, ESA will be able to achieve autonomous status for its network and security systems.

“We are proud to extend our successful 14-year relationship with ESA,” said Chris Halbard, President of DXC Technology at EMEA. “This is a prime example of ‘mission critical’ and how a leading global organization relies on our research and research solutions that are truly critical to the future of the world.”

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