Eisner Awards 2022: Barry Windsor Smith’s “Monsters” big (…)

Every year in July, the Eisner Awards are presented in conjunction with Comic Con, which takes place in San Diego, “American Angoulême”. With a heavy focus on American productions, French and Belgian productions are rarely honored on the awards list? That’s the case again this year, with the only award-winning French-Belgian album being a recent translation of an album that isn’t exactly new. It can be said that the legacy work of the authors and their publisher Kasterman has made this album a classic. evergreen recognized worldwide.

Without further ado, here is the full list of winners:

Best Short Story

“Funeral in foam”, the author Casey Gilley and Raina Telgemeierinside You Died: An Anthology of the Posthumous (Iron Circus).

The best one shot

- Wonder Woman Historia: Amazonesthe author Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez (DC)

The best series

- Bitter rootthe author David F. Walker, chuck brownand Sanford Green (Image). French version at Hi Comics!. James Bonkowski de Passos had reviewed it for you at ActuaBD.com

- Something is killing childrenthe author James Tynion IV and Werther Del Edera (BOOM! Studios). French version at Urban Comics. James Bonkowski de Passos told about it on ActuaBD.

Best Miniseries

- The good Asianthe author Pornsak Pitchershot and Aleksetra Tefenkgi (Image)

Best New Series

- Nice house by the lakethe author James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno (DC Black Label)

Best children’s publication (under eight years)

- Chibi Usagi: Attack of the Heebie Chibisthe author Julia and Stan Sakai (IDW)

Best Pre-Teen (9-12 Years)

- salt magic, the author Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock (Margaret Ferguson Books/Holiday House)

Best publication for teenagers (13-17 years)

- The Legend of Aunt Poethe author Shin Yin Khor (Kokila/Penguin Retom House)

Best Comedy Album

- Not all robotsthe author Mark Russell and Mike Deodato Jr. (AWA result)

The best anthological works

- You Died: An Anthology of the Posthumousunder the leadership Kel McDonald and Etrea Purcell (Iron Circus)

Best Documentary Comic

- Black Panther Party: A Graphic History, the author David F. Walker and Marcus Kwame Etterson (Ten speed press)

Best biographical narrative

- Run: Book Onethe author John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, L. Fury and Nate Powell (Abrams ComicArts)

Best Graphical Achievement (New)

- Monstersthe author Barry Windsor Smith (Fantagraphics). French version in Delcourt. Pascal Aggabi at ActuaBD were quick to share their enthusiasm

Best Graphic Design – Legacy (Reissue)

- The Complete American Godsthe author Neil Gaiman, Fr. Craig Russell and Scott Hampton (Dark Horse). French version at Urban Comics.

Best Comic Book Adaptation from Another Medium

- George Orwell’s 1984: The Graphic Novelthe author Fido Nesti (Mariner Books). Published in France by Grasset & Fasquelle.

The best American edition of an international publication

- The shadow of a manthe author Benoit Peters and Francois Schuyten (IDW). Released in France by Casterman under the name “L’Ombre d’un homme”, already an old album.

The best American edition of Asian comics

- Love Sickness: A Collection of Stories by Junji Itothe author Junji Ito (VIZ Media). French version Mangetsu. Many times famous author in France and on ActuaBD

The Best Archive Collection – Comics (Over 20 Years)

- Popeye: EK Segar Sundays, flight. 1 per EK Segarunder the leadership Gary Groth and Konrad Groth (Fantagraphics)

Best Archive Collection – Comics (Over 20 Years)

- EC Covers Artist’s Editionunder the leadership Scott Danbier (IDW)

Best case scenario

- James Tynion IV, Slaughterhouse, something is killing children, Wind (BOOM! Studios); Lovely Lake House, Joker, Batman, DC Pride 2021 (DC); Department of Truth (Image) ; Blue Book, Razorblades (Tiny Onion Studios). French version at Urban Comics.

Best writer-designer

- Barry Windsor Smith, Monsters (Fantagraphics). French version in Delcourt.

The best anchor

- Phil Jimenez, Wonder Woman Historia: Amazones (DC)

Best Colorist/Multimedia/Set Designer

- Sana Takeda, monster (Image). French version in Delcourt. Mark Vandermeer tells you about it at ActuaBD.com.

Best cover illustrator

- Jen Barthel, Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #1 & 2, Wonder Woman Black & Gold #1, Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary (DC); Women’s History Month variant covers (Marvel)

The best colorist

- Matt Wilson, The undiscovered country (Image) ; the power of fire (Image by Skybound); The Eternals, Thor, Wolverine (Marvel); Jonna and the Impossible Monsters (Them). French versions at Panini Comics or 404 Comics.

the best letter

- Barry Windsor Smith, Monsters (Fantagraphics)

The best comic media

- WomenWriteAboutComics.comunder the leadership Wendy Brown and Nola Pfau (WWAC)

The best critical book about comics

- All the Marvelsthe author Douglas Volk (PenguinPress)

The best academic or research paper

- Comics and the Origins of Manga: A History of Revisionismthe author Eike Exner (Rutgers University Press)

Best graphics and layout

- Marvel Comics Library: Spider-Man flight. 1: 1962–1964 (TASCHEN). We tell about it HERE

The best webcomic

- Lore Olympusthe author Rachel Smith (WEBTOONS)

The best comic in digital format

- snow angels the author Jeff Lemire and a joke (Comixology Originals)

For the “Hall of Fame”, which highlights the greatest figures in the history of comics, the jury chose:

- Founder of EC Comics and one of the pioneers of the comic book since 1933: Max Gaines (1894–1947)

- Screenwriter Mark Gruenwald (legendary Marvel Comics editor) (1953–1996)

- English designer Mary Duvall (1847–1890), co-creator of the Alley Sloper in 1867

- Designer Rose O’Neilll (1874–1944), creator of Kewpies in 1912

- Filipino-American cartoonist Alex Nino

- Cartoonist Father Craig Russell

For the Jean-Claude Mézièresthat will be another time…

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