Elon Musko’s mother asks Twitter “where is that edit button?” After a mistake on Twitter

The mother of Elon Musko, CEO of Tesla, has encountered a Twitter problem that many users of the blog have encountered over the years. Maye Musk shared her photo from her visit to Taj Mahal in Agra in 2007. However, Musk later adjusted the year to 2012 in the new Twitter. and questioned the function of the edit button on Twitter.

Maye Musk wrote on Twitter, “Not in 2007, 2012. Where’s that edit button?” Twitter users have been asking for Twitter editing features for many years. However, the company has now announced that it is working on this feature. It should be noted that Elonas Muskas acquired Twitter for approximately 44 billion. Before buying on Twitter, Elonas Muskas asked users in a Twitter survey: “Do you want an edit button? 73.6% of users said they wanted the feature on Twitter, and 26.4% voted against. In her previous tweet, Maye Musk said she visited Taj Mahal in 2007 and called it “beautiful.” In another tweet, she mentioned that Elon Musko’s grandparents flew to Taj Mahal from South Africa in 1954. went to Australia. She posted a tweet in response to Elon Musko’s tweet, in which he recalled his visit to Taj Mahal in 2007.

Twitter works with the editing feature

Earlier in April, Twitter announced that it was working on an edit button feature that allows users to edit their tweets after they are posted. The company said on Twitter: “We will start testing @TwitterBlue Labs in the coming months to find out what works, what doesn’t and what’s possible.” In response to the company’s tweet, Jay Sullivan, Twitter’s head of consumer goods, confirmed that editing was “Twitter’s most desirable feature for many years.” He said people want to correct mistakes, spelling mistakes and their own opinions by editing their tweets. People are currently deleting Twitter and then posting a new Twitter to share the revised information. He also said the company had been looking for ways to create a “safe” feature since last year. Sullivan said on Twitter, “Without things like time constraints, control, and transparency about what’s been edited, editing can be misused to replace a public conversation. Protecting the integrity of that public conversation is our top priority. That’s the job.”

Image: AP / Unsplash

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