Elonas Muskas warns to terminate Twitter agreement if bot and spam account information is not provided

Elonas Musko’s legal team warned in a new Twitter letter to cut $ 44 billion. USD acquisition agreed by both parties in April. The legal report states that the microblogging site has “refused to provide information” on the number of “spam and fake accounts”, despite repeated requests from Musko for the same. Twitter’s efforts to describe it differently are just an attempt to confuse and confuse the issue. Mr Musk made it clear that he did not consider the company’s lax testing methods to be appropriate, so he had to do his own analysis. “The data he asked for is necessary to do so,” the billionaire’s team wrote according to documents provided by the US SEC.

Musk reserves the right to terminate the contract

Earlier last month, Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal said the number of spam and fake accounts managed by Twitter robots was only 5% of the total. In response, Musk even conducted a survey on the platform, stating that the figure could be ten times higher than just 5%. Apparently, the social networking company has still not disclosed the actual amount, for which Musko’s representatives said: “Under the various terms of the merger agreement, Twitter is required to provide data and information that Mr. Musk asks for the deal to be completed. “.

“If Twitter trusts its published spam ratings, Mr Muskas does not understand the company’s reluctance to allow Mr Musk to rate those ratings on his own,” the letter said. “This is a clear fundamental breach of Twitter’s obligations under the merger agreement, and Mr. Muskas reserves all rights arising therefrom, including the right not to execute the transaction and the right to terminate the merger agreement,” he warns.

It is noteworthy after Musk was sued by Twitter investors for alleged delays in disclosing the stake and mismanagement of the multi-billion dollar acquisition. Speaking about the robot problem on the microblogging site, Musk said he would free the platform robot or “die trying” if his Twitter bid was successful.

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