Emirates News Agency – Port, Customs and Free Zone Corporation launches employee protection program

DUBAI, 21 June 2022 (WAM) – The Port, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, represented by the Planning and Development Department – Trakhees, has signed an agreement with Dubai Insurance Company, a leading insurance company in the United Arab Emirates, to launch a “worker protection program” “employees working in companies based in Special Development Zones.

The program offers better protection and greater advantages over the previous bank guarantee scheme.

The agreement was signed by Trakhees Abdulla Belhoul, Executive Director of the Planning and Development Department, and Abdellatif Abuqurah, Executive Director of Dubai Insurance Company, headquartered in Dubai, in the presence of the directors of both departments. .

Belhouls said Trakhees had signed an agreement with Vice President, Prime Minister and Dubai Governor His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktum to make Dubai the best city in the world to live and work. a strategic partnership agreement with Assurance Dubai to improve the level, quality and efficiency of services provided by Trakhees to employees and workers in the special development sectors overseen by Trakhees and participating in the insurance program under the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Labor Law.

He explained that the Trakhees guidelines are in line with the UAE Cabinet’s decision to abolish the bank guarantee and replace it with a low-cost insurance scheme, which is an alternative and optional scheme to the bank guarantee scheme. , which consisted of the deposit of a financial guarantee of AED 3000 per employee, emphasizing that Trakhees wanted to respect the interests of the workforce on which business owners depended.

“The agreement with Assurance Dubai is the latest partnership between the Planning and Development Division and Trakhees, through which we strive to create a more competitive business process based on innovative solutions and integrated capabilities and based on strategic partnerships to accelerate business leadership in the country. investment incubator, “added Belhouls.

Commenting on the agreement, Abdellatif Abuqurah said: “This agreement is part of the company’s strategy to build partnerships and contracts with various government agencies and institutions operating in the UAE to improve integration efforts to facilitate the business improvement process. Services for individual and institutional clients level in the country ”.

“Today, with this agreement with the Planning and Development Department – Trakhees, our partnership is over and we have made a big leap forward (Dubai Insurance) in providing a portfolio of insurance services to clients in the Business Owners Department, Dubai, in accordance with the highest standards and best practices.

“The Worker Protection Program is based on providing better protection and improved benefits to the employees of these companies in an effort to create a work environment that ensures that they receive all the rights to which they are entitled, as they are the main contributors to the national economy.” he added.

Translated by Mervat Mahmoud.


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