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In the recruitment process and in order to determine the best candidate, recruitment specialists take into account a number of criteria: diplomas, experience, skills, but also interpersonal skills. Nowadays, interpersonal skills, also known as interpersonal skills, behavioral skills, or soft skillsis as important, if not more important, than technical skills (or difficult skills) to get a job.

A brief overview of the soft skills that companies demand the most and how to highlight them in your to continue.

6 soft skills assessed by recruitment specialists


digital transformation, teleworketc., the world of work is constantly changing. Nowadays, companies need employees who can work in different environments, interact with all kinds of profiles and do not allow themselves to be destabilized by change or unexpected things.


Creativity is often associated with innovation. Being creative means being innovative, seeing things from a different angle, offering new alternatives, in short, not being afraid to get out of the box and shake up the ideas you receive. It is a key asset that enables companies to innovate and innovate.

Critical mind

Businesses need employees with a critical mind, that is, with the ability to step back, to look at things carefully and to form their own opinions and explore new opportunities. Critical thinking fosters innovation and creativity.

Solving complex problems

This soft skill is important because it shows that you know how to identify and fix a problem, that you have good analytical skills and that you are able to find solutions and make decisions to implement an action plan.


Autonomy is the ability to set priorities, effectively manage working time and tasks, take the initiative. With the increase in telework, autonomy has become one of the key skills for candidates who need to be able to work remotely.

Team spirit

Soft skills are essential here, because teamwork is essential in business. Whatever your role, you will definitely be part of the team you work with to achieve the best results. Therefore, you need to be able to integrate into a group, show solidarity and develop good relationships to promote harmony and cohesion.

How to highlight your skills on your resume

Your CV must indicate all your knowledge, including technical skills as well as behavioral skills. Recruiters are attaching increasing importance to the latter. Recruitment tools, such as Meteojob, facilitate the search for candidates by skill type. Therefore, listing your behavioral characteristics on a resume is a good way to highlight yourself.

Do you want to highlight your skills in your CV?

  • Create a section dedicated to your skills, for example, under the title of your CV.

  • Integrate your skills directly into the description of each experience. This allows you to provide detailed information and specific examples.

  • Always indicate your main personal skills for the job you are applying for.

Remember that with the same technical skills, your knowledge and motivation will often influence a recruiter.

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