Entain opens the door to Web 3.0 via Syntropy NOIA cryptocurrency

Entain, a global sports betting and online gaming giant, integrates the Syntropy block chain. The company uses blockchain technology to achieve its goals in Web 3.0 and metaverse. The company, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE 100 stock index, has announced the integration of Syntropy’s blockchain decentralized autonomous routing protocol (DARP).

The Syntropy project announces Entain integration

Syntropy and Entain for blockchain.

Sports betting specialist Entain is a global player and owner of many major brands such as PartyPoker, SportingBet and Bwin. The company is established in more than 31 countries and represents more than 25,000 employees worldwide. Today, it wants to improve its speed, security and the reliability of its global network.

All its needs are for the development of activities in the world of meta-universes. This development is increasingly taking place thanks to Innovate Labsthe company has opened a global innovation center.

The Syntropy blockchain wants to streamline the modern Internet with new technologies to help build Internet 3.0. To modernize the Internet, Syntropy developed layer 0improve connectivity that will complement the existing network. Thanks to this technology, the project should receive better decentralization, more secure data, greater confidentiality, and optimization of the performance of each connection.

Entain intends to improve its global network to become more efficient, reliable and secure. All this to improve the user experience so that he does not suffer from any form of delay.

Syntropy Block Chain: The Gateway to Web 3.0 for Business

Prior to implementing the Syntropy protocol on its network, Entain first performed a Technical Proof of Concept (PoC). This study has highlighted the delays that the current Internet network suffers from. The Syntropy project technology was developed in the Polkadot Substrate environment to offer large-scale solutions to businesses. Thanks to the Syntropy blockchain, businesses will benefit from better network performance that truly adapts to consumption needs. This blockchain-based technology is unobtrusive and helps manage personal data. At the same time, it promotes, for example, the interoperability of decentralized applications or other Internet of Things protocols.

Syntropy relies on several innovative technologies to deliver the expected performance in reliability, security and speed. It uses encryption, a chain of blocks, a business model, and a performance route.


The Syntropy blockchain creates a bridge that businesses need to take advantage of the many benefits of Web 3.0. Its integration and partnership with Entain proves that it is possible to build a strong and reliable bridge between businesses and Web 3.0.

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