Europe is experiencing a ‘truce-like’ respite, according to WHO

Thanks to current vaccination rates and the lower severity of the Omicron variant, Europe is experiencing a respite comparable to “truce” in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Department of the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated on Thursday, February 3.

“The pandemic is not over, but we are in a unique position to take control, and we should not waste this opportunity.”, WHO Regional Director Hans Kluge said during an online press conference. Turning the metaphor around, he added: “This period of heightened defense should be seen as a ‘truce’ that could bring us lasting peace. » It combines the protection of the vaccine, the end of winter and a less dangerous variant of Omicron.

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Twelve million new cases last week

However, this truce can only last if vaccination campaigns and surveillance for new variants continue, Mr. Kluge said, while several European countries ease their restrictions significantly. As for the new variants “which will inevitably appear”, “It is possible to answer” without reuse “The kind of disruption we needed before”he said.

In the WHO European region, which includes fifty-three countries, some in Central Asia, pollution exploded when the Omicron variant took over, but the health situation is considered less alarming. According to WHO regional data, almost twelve million new cases were registered last week, the highest since the pandemic began two years ago.

The WHO in Europe called on health authorities on Thursday to focus on protecting the most vulnerable population.

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