Facebook app for iOS missing dark mode? Here is what consumers have reported

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. While millions of users around the world use the Facebook app on a daily basis, many of them like to scroll through the app in dark mode. Facebook’s dark mode, which has been running for a couple of years, allows people to use the app in low light conditions. In addition, it is convenient for the eyes and the battery of the device. However, several reports indicate that Facebook’s dark mode has been missing for a couple of days.

The Facebook app for iOS is missing dark mode

According to the report submitted by 9To5Mac published in 2022 On May 28, the Facebook iOS app is missing dark mode. Several users have noticed that the dark mode option in the app has disappeared. While the publication speculates that this is a mistake, it also mentions that Facebook has not yet acknowledged it.

According to Twitter users, the Facebook app does not have a dark mode and appears to have lost system-wide support for the system. Those who have turned on dark mode for all iPhone and iPad apps and systems are reported to be using Facebook inconsistencies.

Some users report that they failed to use Facebookโ€™s dark mode because in 2022. May 26 a new update has been released. 9To5Mac mentions that Facebook for iOS is updated every five to seven days, so it’s likely that one of these updates has a bug that has completely turned off Facebook’s dark mode.

Here’s what users have to say about the missing dark mode on Facebook for iOS.

In related news, Instagram has confirmed that it is introducing a brighter icon along with its typography. Metaโ€™s photo-sharing app says its new design system focuses on content, with a focus on simplicity and self-expression.

The Instagram message says: โ€œWe are giving new energy and purpose to our colors, font, logo and other brand elements with an updated visual identity. Our new system is designed to be constantly improved to help us create more and more inclusive. experience for our community โ€.

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