Facebook will soon stop “Nearby Friends” and “Weather Alerts”; Here are all the details

Facebook will stop offering two features to its users – Facebook friends nearby and Facebook weather alerts. In a message sent to users by Facebook, the app made it clear that “Nearby friends, weather alerts, location history, and background will soon disappear.”

From 2022 May 31 nearby friends and weather alerts won’t be available on Facebook. In addition, the platform also says that the information that consumers share about these services will be post-2022. May 31 will no longer be collected.

Users can access and download Location History for 2022. August 1 in the “Access to Information” section. The Meta-owned platform also says it will delete any location history or background location that users previously shared. However, Facebook will continue to collect location and other user data for other services we offer. It is important to note that Facebook did not disclose the reason for discontinuing these features.

Facebook has been under a lot of pressure lately due to several regularities around the world about the data collection practices it follows in its applications. With Facebook serving a huge audience of more than two billion users worldwide, it’s important that the app uses user data with extreme caution. But in the last few years, there have been more and more cases of Facebook misusing user data.

Facebook Messenger adds new links

  • @visi: This shortcut will allow users to grab the attention of everyone in the group chat.
  • / silent (available on Instagram as @silent): This shortcut will allow users to send a message that is not displayed as a message to other members of the group, also known as silent messages.
  • / pay: This link will be available to users in the coming days and will allow them to send and receive money directly in their personal Messenger chats.
  • / gif: This feature will be available to iOS users in the coming days and will allow users to send a specific GIF after entering a link followed by a GIF theme.
  • / shrug & / tableflip: These keyboard shortcuts allow users to share old-school text table flip emoticons, also known as ASCII emoticons.

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