Fall Guys pass is played for free! All our tips and tricks for a good start

news tip Fall Guys pass is played for free! All our tips and tricks for a good start

Fall Guys, a completely crazy party game from Devolver, is now available for new consoles, but mostly it’s becoming free to play, which probably convinced you to embark on an adventure. If so, we encourage you to provide information about how the game works here.


  • Seasonal system
  • What are the game modes?
  • How’s the game going?
  • Different types of tests
    • Racing events
    • Survival tests
    • Team games
    • Logic tests
    • Last rounds

Seasonal system

First of all, Fall Guys was designed from the start as a game that will last over time with regular content updates in both cosmetics and trial and error. a seasonal model was adopted for this purpose.

Each season thereafter had the opportunity to discover a new free battle pass that allowed you to accumulate prizes. When switching to free play, this system will remain, though The game will resume in Season 1 due to these changes.

Another important change is that everyone will always have a free version of the battle pass, there will now be a paid version as well. The choice we could feel, because now is the only way to make the game profitable.

Note, however, that these pass rewards are purely cosmetic and therefore do not provide any benefit. In addition For those who have purchased the game, you will be offered a Season 1 battle pass and if you make enough progress in this area, you can buy the next one without spending a penny.

What are the game modes?

When you started the game, Fall Guys, it wasn’t particularly difficult, you had a button to start the game, and then you have to do it! However, over time, the game has expanded and is specially equipped with several modes. In the game they are called emissions.

To find different programs and their contents, just click the small program button in the lower right corner of the screen. Once this is done, you will see the various options available, a description of its contents, and the prizes to be won.

Finally, know that if you want to play with friends or organize a tournament, you have the ability to start personalized broadcasts or you can choose the rules and experiments you want to include.

Fall Guys pass is played for free!  All our tips and tricks for a good start

Now that you know a little more about Fall Guys, you decide to go on an adventure starting your first game. The operation of these parts is quite simple. You have to survive, not be excluded.

Indeed, in each round, the players or teams at the bottom of the rankings are simply eliminated and have no choice but to resume play. If you succeed in passing the first four tests offered to you, then in the final, final, you will face each other.

There is no longer a question of excluding some players. As friend Dennis Brogniarts would say, “there will be only one in the end.” So be sure to be the last to finish or complete the requested goal at the end of the countdown to win and get the best reward.

Fall Guys pass is played for free!  All our tips and tricks for a good start

Different types of tests

As we just said, in the Fall Guys game you will have to pass tests. Today, there are a large number of them, but they fall into several categories. Therefore, we recommend revealing them in a little more detail in the rest of the article.

Racing events

In these events you will have a finish line located after a series of obstacles. The goal is then quite simple, manage to finish in front of your opponents and cross the line in the first place so as not to be liquidated.

Fall Guys pass is played for free!  All our tips and tricks for a good start

Survival tests

The second type of test is survival testing, and there is no point in running here. Indeed, at the top of the screen you will see the number of people who need to stay at the end of the game. Just avoid traps until this limit is reached and you can move on to the next game.

Team games

Team games seem frustrating to many players, as the team that finishes last is eliminated. So you will have to show strategy and team spirit in these games. It’s not easy knowing that you don’t always get in touch with other players on your team.

Fall Guys pass is played for free!  All our tips and tricks for a good start

Logic tests

Finally, the last type of test before addressing the specific case of final tests is logic games. Here you will be asked to create associations, calculations or work on memory. One mistake, and you end up in the sewer.

Last rounds

Finally, let’s talk about the latest tests, the specificity of which is that they can be a test for each of the types you mentioned. However, these tests, which you will see here, are specific to the final and with the exception of having a variant that appears in other trials, you will only be able to find them at the end of the game.

Fall Guys pass is played for free!  All our tips and tricks for a good start

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