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The massive open world shooter Far Cry 6 is free for the next few days. Ubisoft’s great first-person shooter app is free to download and play on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. The free trial period now runs until March 27th. in the evening. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, this is an added incentive as you can try out the new crossover mission in The Vanishing.

To access the contents of Stranger Things, simply complete a training mission on Sanctuary Island and unlock one of the guerrilla camps.

“When you get to the partisan camp, Juan will call you and the name of the mission” THE NYKIMAS “will appear. The mission can also be accessed from JOURNAL> YARAN STORIES, ”says Ubisoft.

“Disappear” will take you to a twisted version of Yara, inspired upside down, where Yaran disappears and no one is safe, not even Chorizo.

“Your mission is to find a friend of Libertad’s dogs and find out what happened to the missing Yaran. »

Aside from the good news, there are no additional requirements to get a free trial of PlayStation, although Xbox users will need to subscribe to Gold.

You can also play in a two-player partnership with a friend or using a public matchmaking system.

“Two-player collaboration is available at any time during the game. You can play with a friend or use public matchmaking.

“If you are invited to join an existing individual co-operation session, you can skip the unlocking of the partisan camp by accepting their invitation after class. »

Far Cry 6 takes place on a tropical island ruled by a bloody dictator.

“Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time. As Yaros dictator, Anton Castillo seeks to restore his nation’s former glory by all possible means, and his son Diego will follow in his bloody footsteps.

“Your oppressive regime has started a revolution. »

Far Cry 6 also features an intriguing Season Pass featuring the most famous enemies from previous games in the series.

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