FC Barcelona and Spotify sign strategic long-term sports and entertainment deal

to FC Barcelona and Spotify.the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, has reached an agreement that the Swedish company will become the club’s main partner and official audio streaming partner. Spotify. will begin the 2022/23 season men’s and women’s first team t-shirt front four seasons. Spotify. will also be a sponsor of both teams ’training shirts for three seasons from the 2022/23 season.

As part of this alliance, the two actors will work together to create new opportunities to make T-shirts a space that can honor different artists around the world. In addition, the Swedish company will become a “name partner” of the stadium, which will be renamed. Spotify Camp Nou.. In this sense, the sponsorship aims to create a new platform to help artists interact with the global fan community. FC Barcelona.

The contract was approved and signed by the company’s board of directors FC Barcelona, is to be ratified by an extraordinary meeting of the company ‘s members to be held on 3 April by videoconference. The club will shortly provide organizational details that coincide with the announcement of the application.

Strategic agreement through which Spotify. will become the main sponsor of the club from the 2022/23 season, encompassing a long-term collaboration on the stadium’s “ownership”, which will begin in 2022. July. and will continue during the ambitious reconstruction of Espai Camp Nou. Espai Barça. This project will transform the stadium’s premises and surroundings into a new world-class entertainment experience open to the city of Barcelona.

A unique association and space for artists

Agreement between Bars and Spotify. is the first club of its kind and encompasses the unification of the worlds of music and football, while providing a global stage for Spotify Camp Nou players and performers. This creates new opportunities to interact with fans around the world. the world. The collaboration also includes displaying the name of the title sponsor on both the men’s and women’s team shirts, as it is the commitment of both organizations to promote and support talent and diversity for present and future generations.

By the way, FC Barcelona and Spotify. will endeavor to use the stadium ‘s media and audiovisual spaces to showcase and enhance the work of different artists and to connect with the global audience in Barcelona. When the renovation of the Stadium will be completed with the project Espai Barca, Spotify. will be in the premises that will be necessary for the future of the Club.

Cooperation with Spotify. is also part of the club ‘s strategic goal to actively seek out partners who share the values ​​and philosophy that defines its brand while maintaining its status as a world benchmark both inside and outside the world. an increasingly competitive environment.

Statements by Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona

“We are very proud to announce an innovative alliance like this with a global benchmark such as Spotify. This alliance will allow us to continue to bring the club closer to its sponsors and make them feel even more an integral part of it. The Bars family through a unique experience that will allow us to combine entertainment and football, while reaching more people around the world.

It is also a union with which we continue to move forward in this new era that we have begun and which once again demonstrates the innovative character and continuous improvement inherent in Barsa and made it a unique club.

Statement by Alex Norström, Freemium’s Commercial Director, Spotify

“We are impressed with the idea of ​​working with FC Barcelona bring together the worlds of music and football. Starting in July, our collaboration will become a global stage for artists, developers, players and fans at the new Spotify Camp Nou. We have always used marketing investments to raise awareness among content creators and artists, so this partnership will take this approach to the next level. We are excited to create new opportunities to interact with fans FC Barcelona whole world.

Mission Spotify. is to unleash human creativity, help artists make a living from their art and connect with their fans. We believe that this partnership will provide many opportunities to accomplish this mission in unique, scenic and amazing ways.

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