Ferrand-Prevot and Sarrou 2nd, Lecomte falls

Photos: Stephan Da Silva and JN

Rebecca McKonell was ahead of Polina Ferran-Prevo in the sprint, the Australian’s first victory in a short track.

LADIES RACE Polina Ferrana-Prevo was very close to her second victory in a short race in a row after her initial victory in Petropolis. However, she had to bow to Rebecca McConnell, who was in the form of the beginning of the season in the sprint. Winning her first XCO World Cup in Brazil, this time the Australian has won her first success in the short track format, which shows that she is currently at the best level of her career. Jenny Risved did not finish in the opening round and took third place on the track.

An early race led by American Hailey Baten.

Rebecca McConnell appears to be fleeing the opening victory in Brazil.

Jenny Risved, who did not participate in Brazil, regained the World Cup by climbing the podium. Hard!

The race was also marked by a collision involving several riders, including Loana Lecomte and Laura Stigger. The Frenchwoman had to give up on this fall, and we were even afraid for a moment that she would be quite affected. But the first news was quite gratifying. “She received a violent lower back shock that took her breath away. But a priori nothing serious,” said French national team coach Ivan Clouss.

Loana Lecomte fell violently, but fortunately a priori more fear than evil.

Second in this XCC, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot will start in the first row this Sunday. However, PFP had all started badly: “At the start I missed the pedal and the knee hit the corner,” she said. Off the head, she returned to work without panicking. “I didn’t panic, I found time to get back up, and finally I got back pretty fast,” she admitted.

Polina Ferrana-Prevo did not panic after the missed start, she was in the lead again.

It was in second place, behind the wheel of Rebecca MacConnell, that she started her sprint. He didn’t need much to get ahead of the Australian, but a little bit: “I think I think too much that I’m stronger than Rebecca in the sprint. I also had a slight problem with the suspension locking. But I’m happy with the second place. “Could the overall rating be a goal in the World Cup short track?”

This XCC ladies pedestal from Albstadt.

24th place for Lena Gerero.


Winner of Sam Gaze, this is the sensation of this first day in Albstadt. Behind the New Zealand sprint was tense between Jordan Sarrow and Nino Scurt, and the slightest advantage on the line was in favor of the Frenchman.

MEN’S RACE This time, the World Cup season has started well and truly for Jordan Sarró. Forced to withdraw from Brazil due to a positive Covid test shortly before the race, the Specialized rider returned to the world to take second place in the short track. After winning the Swiss Cup in Chur two weeks ago, he knew the condition existed, and he was confirmed at the end of the XCC, which was won by Samuel Gaze, a New Zealand author who shook the foreground. Third, Nino Shurter was once again particularly profitable a month after his 33rd World Cup victory.

Let’s go to this men’s short track with a great start by Pierre de Freud.

Jordan Sarru’s legs responded and in a very tactical race the Specialized rider was able to maneuver well until the right time in the spring. “I’m happy. I was careful not to show up too early, because the wind was still quite strong, and it was better to stay hidden,” he admitted. to take second place, “revealed the one who now has one coach with the nine – time world champion, Nicholas Siegenthaler.

Jordan Sarrou had to lose Brazil, and he immediately returned to the game in Albstatt.

On the other hand, there was nothing to try to challenge Samuel Gaze’s victory, the impressive power of this latest XCC package. It’s been a century since we saw a New Zealander at such a party. However, he is one of the few to have won the World Cup in Stellenbosch in 2018 in the last ten years. But since then, everything has not been a long calm river for the one who has now passed the same colors as Matthew van der Poel in Alpecin. In addition, the Dutch team had a crazy Friday since VDP took the pink shirt to the Giro, Lionel Taminiauk won four days in Dunkirk, and Sam Gaze raised his hands against Albstadt at the end of a very tactical race.

Samuel Gaze created a sensation this Friday, whether the New Zealander will be able to play the main roles on Sunday, it’s all a matter of …

Sixth, Tituan Kerod won the road sign to the first row of the XCO, as did Thomas Pidko, the eighth and back in the mountain bike race since his Olympic title in Tokyo last summer. Another return, the return of Viktor Koreck, was especially awaited. At the beginning of the race, the active French XCC champion then retired and, as there was nothing to play for, he ended up on the coast to save himself for Sunday … Where, as often, completely different races are expected.

A good sixth place for Tituan Kerod, who will start from the first row during XCO.

8th place for Thomas Pidkok in front of Nino Sherter. The Tokyo Olympic champion returned to mountain biking for the first time since the Games.

The big race for Luke Schwarzbauer is finally 4th place, ahead of Viktor Korecki. Returning to mountain biking in Albstadt, where he won last year, the Frenchman showed himself at the start of the race, but then shook and economized himself as an XCO on Sunday.

Pedestal for these men’s track shorts.


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