Final Fantasy: Top 10 Female Players!

Do you like Final Fantasy? Here is a list of the top 10 female characters in the video game Square Enix.

You like The Last Fantasy ? One thing is for sure, the video game produced by Square Enix has the best female characters. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Final Fantasy is the most anticipated video game of the year

At the beginning of the year, Sony decided to offer a very nice gift to the lucky PS5 owners. Indeed, it has been good and true since January 25 last year can be downloaded Final Fantasy XIV.

To the delight of 2022 the most anticipated MMO lovers. The success was that the players faced many mistakes due to the overcrowding of the game.

The success of Square Enix, which did everything to its latest work. ” Be aware that we will continue to do our best to develop Final Fantasy XIV to create an environment where everyone can benefit from the best possible game conditions.

Here’s a message Yoshida wrote after receiving complaints from several players. The new updates should then ensure that the game works properly.

In any case, the online version Final Fantasy XIV caused a sensation among fans of the genre, another version is expected even more.

And this is Opus 16. Announced in 2019, it should come down in a very short time. Eh yes! Next release The Last Fantasy is scheduled for spring this year. But it might be a little too late.

No additional information has been sent by the creators yet. So you have to follow … And very carefully. MCE TV tells you more about video games.

Final Fantasy: Top 10 Female Players!

Top 10 female protagonists

While exit from The Last Fantasy fast approaching, we had to reveal a list of the top 10 female heroes. Let’s start our review with the first:

Rem no Final Fantasy Type-0

Although the young woman is terminally ill, she stays happy and resilient. But that’s not all! Her abilities are also extremely strong, and her kindness only increases the players’ sympathy for her.

Ritz no FF Tactics Advance

Mocking others for her hair, Rica is probably one of the main female heroes the players are most attached to. Especially when she finally learns to accept herself.

Adelle no Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Adelle is evil, cunning and impulsive. In other words, a typical video game hero.

Earn from FF XII / XII: Revenant Wings

The Dalmatian princess is also one of my favorite heroes. And for good reason! She has only one goal in mind: to avenge her kingdom.

Fariss no Final Fantasy V

Faris is also very complicated. She disguises himself as a respectable man and is a cruel pirate. However, this does not prevent him from caring for others. Especially from his family.

Rinoa from FF VIII

Open and emotional, Squall is in love with Lyon. So everyone loves it!

Garnet / Sarah from Final Fantasy IX

Very curious, the latter is one of the main women more interesting than The Last Fantasy.

Aerith no FF VII

Like Faris, Aerith is very sophisticated. It is therefore not surprising that it appears on this list.

Yuna no Final Fantasy X / X-2

Meanwhile, Yuna will become the main character the following Final Fantasy X-2.

Terra no FF VI

Finally, the last hero. This is Terra. Although the young woman is weak, she quickly learns to master her powers which she will use to protect others.

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