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Marine Lepena accused of embezzling European public money, condemns ‘dirty tricks from EU’

On his way to Saint Pierre in Calvados, the National Rally candidate was questioned about allegations of fraudulent European public money. “I obviously absolutely dispute these allegations, of which I did not know, which are already causing problems in terms of the rule of law, for which I have not been provided with any evidence, no element, despite the requests I was able to make.”, she condemned this on Monday. Mes Lepena also regretted this trip “The dirty tricks of the European Union a few days before the second round. I’m very used to it, and the French are absolutely not fooled. “

According to a report by the European Anti – Fraud Office (OLAF) website Mediapart this saturday “The financial impact of the facts observed is at least EUR 617 379.77”. The case was referred to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office and the European Parliament on 11 March “Continue in the coming weeks with recovery” of these amounts.

The RN candidate is accused of misusing Community money of EUR 136 993.99 while she was an MEP between 2004 and 2017. Her father, Jean-Marie Leipen, may have appropriated € 303,545.76. The report also cites Bruno Gollnisch for € 43,257, the far-right Europe of Nations and Freedoms (ENL) for € 131,089 and former member of Marina Lepén Luis Aliots for € 2,493.22. These facts “It is likely that criminal proceedings will be instituted against the former Members (…) on fraudulent acts committed by them to the detriment of the budget of the Union “judges OLAF talking about“fraud”no “faux”d ‘“breach of trust”no “fraud against public funds” national political or personal goals, excessive bills or even benefits “fictitious” for the benefit of companies that often gravitate in the fog of frontism or even from “conflicts of interest”.

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