Former Disney CEO Bob Iger is investing in the GoPuff express delivery service – The Hollywood Reporter

Former CEO of Walt Disney Co. Bob Iger continues to look for new opportunities as an investor.

On Wednesday, fast delivery company Gopuff said Iger would come on board as a consultant and investor.

Gopuff is one of a handful of companies in the “instant store” category where users order things like food or household supplies or snacks on their phones via the app and deliver them quickly. Gopuff, for example, tried to deliver its goods to users in 30 minutes or less.

However, the company has taken a different approach from many competitors by managing its own warehouses and its own logistics.

While Games is perhaps most closely associated with the entertainment world, Disney was also a wholesaler, not only running a huge consumer goods business, but also hundreds of Disney-branded stores. And Disney under the Game has also been aggressive in using technology to provide consumer-friendly products and services.

And with Gopuff moving into a space for influencers and creators in recent months (the company collaborated with YouTuber MrBeast earlier this year), Iger’s experience of navigating this world could come in handy. At the end of last year, actress and singer Selena Gomez also invested in the company.

He has been active in games since leaving Disney at the end of the year. He is preparing a new book and has become a consultant and investor in a handful of companies. In particular, Iger worked with The Chernin Group and Rich Paul earlier this month to invest in toy maker Funko, and has joined Genies ’board of directors, which is working to take the lead in the virtual avatar business.

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