Formula 1 | Russell, or “Consistency”, did not expect Baku to take 3rd place

George Russell Baku has inherited a new nickname from his Mercedes F1 team. On the radio “Mr. Consistency” The racing engineer praised him for once again maximizing the results of his race with his car.

And Baku, dropping two Ferraris, was the 3rd podium of the season waiting for the British to finish at the Grand Prix.

What were his expectations before starting this race?

“Honestly, don’t finish the third!”

“5th place was the biggest we could achieve in terms of merit and pace. But obviously it’s teamwork and you have to be at the finish line to score points. That’s what I said before this weekend and it came true. We showed all the hard work in Breccia and Brixworth to provide us with a reliable car and a reliable engine to benefit from other people’s misfortunes or whatever you want to call it. “

The Baku W13 over the weekend seems to have been extremely difficult to drive due to bounces. To him, little less than Lewis Hamilton, who, according to Toto Wolf, used experimental parts that didn’t work.

“Honestly, I had a pretty good ride in the car. Do it with it. And if you don’t have a porpoise, you roll the car a few millimeters off the ground and hit the ground.”

“I feel it in the back after the finish, but for now everything is fine. As I said, we need to keep working hard to find more performance and understand what we need to do to unlock it. We won’t do that. We have some significant new parts or something to try in Canada, but maybe Silverstone will have some better ideas for our F1.

Thanks to this consistency of Russell in the best possible positions, the British driver is only 17 points behind Charles Leckler, while the Mercedes F1 is only 38 points behind Ferrari. Does that surprise him?

“It ‘s a bit of a saying, but the championship has to keep scoring on a regular basis. “

“So, as I said, it’s a great job from all of our factories to provide us with a reliable car, but we can’t continue to rely on another disaster, we have to find more performance. And that’s what everyone is trying to do. “

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