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The Fortnite update at 19.30 will be released soon on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and PCs. The new Fortnite update is due on February 15th and for UK fans at 9am. GMT. Needless to say, as a numbered update, the new fixes will come with a server downtime that should last until 10:30 GMT. An impressive new update will complement previously released Uncharted items as well as bring back treasure maps. Read on for more information on the 19.30 update.

The news was posted on Twitter by Epic Games along with a brief overview of what to expect.

“Hello everyone, the update for v19.30 is scheduled for February 15th. Downtime will begin at 4:00 PM ET ET, matchmaking will be turned off 30 minutes in advance.

“With the v19.30 update, we are removing the home screen where you select Save The World, Battle Royale, or Creative game modes.

“You will now enter directly into the lobby, ready to join the party and start the match!

Along with new menu screen options, the update at 7.30pm adds Uncharted characters Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer. This coincides with the release of Uncharted. You can see the skins below.

By theme, Epic Games will bring back treasure maps that can be used to search for items and possibly as part of a challenge.

Fortnite’s undisclosed Shiina also speculates that the revolver will be unprotected along with other possible collaborations.

Needless to say, the 19.30 update brings a number of bug fixes and game improvements that you can see in the fix notes below.

Notes on the Fortnite Update 7.30pm…

Key issues with Battle Royale:

• Some players have only two slots in the tents

– Some PC, Xbox or Playstation players may notice that they only have two slots instead of three

• “Get Kills with Assault Rifle” marked as complete but remains in the task log

– Some players will notice that after completing the Get Assault Rifle Kills task, it remains in the task log.

• Spider-Man web shooters shrink when all players are removed.

– Spider-Man web shooters will be replenished 20 times when dropped by players only from competitive playlists.

Key save the world issues:

• Players who do not have access to expeditions, despite meeting the eligibility criteria

– The player expedition menu is not displayed to players, even though they have reached a point where they can unlock them

Switch and mobile issues:

• Double-tapping the Build Piece icon does not work as expected

– Double-tapping the building element icon does not move the selected part of the building down.

• The swipe / squat button is not displayed when swiping the mobile phone

– The squat button does not appear when swiping on a mobile device. This means that mobile players cannot swipe immediately after swiping.

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