French nationals living on consular electoral rolls can vote online from this afternoon for the first time.

French people living abroad and registered on consular lists can vote online from noon in the first round of parliamentary elections.

Are you one of the French living abroad and registered on the consular electoral roll? You can vote for the first round of Saeima elections online from noon this Friday to Wednesday, 1er in June, at noon!

At the start of these important elections, there are four ways for voters to vote abroad: at the ballot box, by proxy, online and by post.

Internet voting is only allowed for French people living outside Franceand only legislative and consular elections.

There are 11 constituencies in the world, and the same number of French MEPs have lived abroad since 2012. Internet voting was introduced that year, but not in the last parliamentary elections in 2017. It was about preventing possible cyber-attacks in connection with the suspicion of the 2016 American election, which was won by Donald Trump.

In these 11 constituencies, a total of almost 150 candidates are running this year, but not all have submitted a certificate of faith or a ballot paper. Among other things, MEP El Guerrab, a former member of the LRM parliament who was recently sentenced to three years in prison, one of which is a severe one, and two years without the right to attack former Socialist leader Boris Foret in 2017 with a helmet, withdrew. ten days ago and is now supported by former ministers Elizabeth Moreno, most of whom have invested in the French constituency of the Maghreb and West Africa. It was ” too late “ on removal and “There will be no vote on my name”he explained to Agence France-Presse.

On June 4, the first vote will take place in French Polynesia and for French citizens living abroad who vote at embassies and consulates on the American continent. On June 5, it will be the turn of the French, who live abroad outside the American continent.

The first round will take place on 11 June in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin and Saint Pierre and Miquelon. And on June 12, the first round in mainland France, as well as in Mayotte, New Caledonia and Réunion, before the second round a week later.

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