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Marlène Ngoyi is the new CEO of the African Export Development Fund (FEDA). This young Congolese (DRC), rich in a great career in finance, now has the task of supporting African companies in exports, especially in the financial, technological, industrial, logistics and agri-food sectors, while supporting development within and outside Africa. trade.

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After the pandemic that brought the global economy to the ground as supply chains go through huge failures, the new role of the young forties involves several challenges. But the course of this woman with a fist ready to believe that she is in such a position as created. For Young Africa, she lent herself into the game of conversation, here is her portrait.

Life around the world

Belgium, Gabon and the DRC, Marlène Ngoyi grew up among the three countries where her father was a doctor. She has only benefited positively from this transcontinental experience, as life across several countries has enabled her to develop real adaptability. “My personality, my sensitivity and my way of being in general are deeply marked by my international experience. This alloy allows me to evolve in a world of high finance without feeling outside. “My multiculturalism leads me to the idea that what unites us is ultimately stronger than what divides us,” he says.

Strong ability to adapt, intelligence of situations, active listening and benevolence …

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